data sharing

One city’s growing opioid crisis brings data-driven solutions to the front lines

Two decades of overdose data helps the Baltimore City Health Department understand drug use trends to shape treatment programs.

Virginia joins Republican states pulling out of multi-state voter list program

Once a founding member of the Electronic Registration Information Center, a nationwide data-sharing initiative to maintain voter roll accuracy, Virginia plans to leave the organization and establish its own maintenance system.

Data gaps curtail innovation, digital equity

Insufficient or incomplete information limits governments' ability to leverage data-driven solutions and innovations, according to a recent report.

CISA, FBI need data from cybercrime victims to support policy

The federal agencies tasked with tracking and preventing cybercrime rely on collaboration and data sharing to protect U.S. digital networks.

One city’s unexpected open-data benefits

Phoenix’s open data portal inspired residents to develop solutions for parking and urban heat on their own, the mayor says.

ChatGPT’s other risk: Oversharing confidential data

As many as 6.5% of employees have pasted their organization’s data into ChatGPT, and 3.1% have copied and pasted sensitive data to the program, recent research showed.

States abandon access to shared voter registration data

As states gear up to leave the Electronic Registration Information Center, few have specific plans in place to maintain accurate voter rolls on their own.

How state and local governments can fortify security at tax time (or any time)

COMMENTARY | The right fraud prevention practices apply a “friction-right” approach, making it easier for true users to apply for access while impeding bad actors.

One-stop access to city’s childcare, jobs, business services

The MyCity portal will act as a centralized data repository that streamlines services application and delivery for New York City residents and enables greater information sharing across government agencies.

Better ID management could help DMVs become ‘departments of citizen engagement’

Modernizing legacy technology, embracing self service and easing cross-agency authentication can help departments of motor vehicles provide better and more efficient customer experience.

A mobile-first approach enhances police operations

With mobile devices tapping into its police-only internet, the Lenexa Police Department can log and share data quicker as well as track crime trends and officer locations for more efficient police responses.

NextGen TV, pagers transmit enhanced emergency data to responders

A field test of digital broadcast TV and prototype pagers is giving responders across North Carolina access to audio, images, video and GIS data.

Texas may be about to scrap a voting security system it can’t replace

It took years to build the multi-state system known as ERIC, which weeds out duplicate, deceased and suspicious voter registrations. Texas Republicans want to dump it, but there’s no viable alternative.

New federal website offers grants info and research to counter domestic terrorism 

A one-stop shop for state and local governments offers grant funding opportunities and research to support efforts against domestic terrorism.

Resident data profiles trigger targeted emergency response

First responders can save time and resources when they have access to resident information such as existing medical conditions or their home layout.

Data warehouse aggregates local homelessness data for statewide analysis

To target services and funds aimed at reducing and preventing homelessness, California’s data sharing platform allows state and local leaders to coordinate services, policies and programs.

Look for fraudsters to apply COVID-era tricks to new programs

The pandemic laid bare state and local governments’ vulnerability to fraud, and agencies must lean into data-sharing technology to keep up defenses, an expert advises.