Defense IT

Top tech advances for 2012

From invisible tanks to radar that can see through walls, the GCN Lab's coverage this year points to some jaw-dropping technology developments in 2012.

A cloaking device for tanks? Sort of.

BAE is using hexagonal plates called “pixels” that can mask the heat signature of the object they are mounted on.

DOD sketches its diagram of the future

Dave Wennergren talks about past experiences, the evolution of the federal government in the Information Age and what the future might have in store.

DOD cuts will slow overall fed IT spending growth

Federal spending on IT will increase slightly in the next five years. Who can expect to see their budgets grow and who faces cuts, according to new TechAmerica Foundation Vision survey forecasts.

Product interoperability effort is showing promise

The Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium demonstrates the first products and programs that meet its interoperability standards.

Why can't DOD consolidate?

Readers responding to our coverage of Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ plan to cut $100 billion from the defense budget over the next five years discuss the potential obstacles to DOD IT consolidation.

Gates' planned cuts will make only small dent, analysts say

Defense Secretary Robert Gates' proposed cuts and restructuring of the DOD will only lead to modest changes and face resistance in Congress, according to some analysts.

Gates details plans to slash DOD budget

In his aggressive efforts to save money, Defense Secretary Gates is targeting a number of DOD offices and organizations, including one major command, IT infrastructure and several senior positions.

Joint Strike Fighter to get better targeting abilities

The stealth fighter plane will be fitted with new sensor technology.

Readers offer stuffing for IT turkey

Readers suggest a few projects that could have made our Thanksgiving list of failed, or deeply troubled, government IT projects and debate the causes of such large-scale failures.

Open source comes to Army Go Mobile program

The Army’s Maj. Keith Parker demos the Go Mobile kit to the GCN Lab.

IT turkeys: 7 government projects worthy of a roast

Over the years, the American public has been gifted with its share of computer-based turkeys -- information technology projects gone wrong, often at spectacular expense.

Lockheed lands electronic warfare deal

Lockheed Martin Corp. will help the Navy develop surface electronic warfare technology under a new $9.9 million contract.

New technology enhances UAV video

Harris releases product that can improve the packaging and transmission of data, including video, from unmanned aerial vehicles.

GCN's 2009 Executives of the Year

This year's honorees -- former Rep. Tom Davis, Martha Dorris, Rob Carey and Jim Lewis -- demonstrate the powerful role that IT innovations can play in improving the way government agencies accomplish their missions.

Army's MC4 comprehensive electronic medical records help improve care for the wounded

The Army’s MC4 program is doing away with paper battlefield medical records and improving health care for wounded warriors.

Project at a glance: Army Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care

Since 2003, more than 12 million electronic patient interactions have been captured via MC4, and 750 units with medical staff in 14 countries have been equipped with MC4.