10 ways to address KVM switch vulnerabilities

Best practices are emerging that allow government security pros to address desktop security through secure KVM switch solutions.

Secure, compact PC stack arranges to meet government needs

The multi-client Stratus includes three PCs and a remote controlled KVM to deliver security and convenience to government users who need to operate multiple PCs.

NEC monitor delivers accurate color, 508-compliance tools

The 24-inch PA242W monitor is a good value for government designers and content creators who need color accuracy and 508-compliant output.

Tales of rugged tech survival could win new gear

The Tech vs. Wild contest is looking for true stories of rugged computing devices that survived the worst of times.

Lenovo preps a workstation for new CAD users

The ThinkStation E32 comes with a 60-day trial of AutoCAD LT 2014 software and has enough power to make it work.

The mutating malware monster demands new defenses

Revised guidance from NIST on defending against malware reflects the evolution of malicious code, which is becoming more complex, dangerous and difficult to detect.

Will an Android on the desktop take off for government users?

HP is set to debut the Slate21, an Android-based desktop with a low-cost upgrade path and options for user sharing that could put it in the government buy basket.

Haswell chipset leading to some powerful, tiny PCs

The fourth-generation Haswell Core i7 CPU, combined with an Nvidia GPU, powers the small but muscular Giada D2308.

The clock ticks on XP, and a tough transition looms for some agencies

With less than 10 months until support ends for Windows XP, some agencies are in transition. And if they haven't started yet, they're late.

Apple's new Mac Pro a move toward serious desktop computing

Inside its cylindrical design are the makings of a powerhouse workstation that could make some agencies take a second look.

A powerful workstation for gamification, simulation apps

The Chronos Pro is the fastest workstation GCN has ever tested, which suits the kind of training apps agencies are adopting.

The best (and worst) influences on 30 years of government IT

From the IBM PC to apps on demand, and cyber threats to FISMA, our experts weigh in on the biggest influences — good and bad — of the past three decades.

30-year showdown: IBM PC vs. Apple iPhone

While marking GCN's 30th year, we're taking a look at how far computing has progressed in three decades. It's no secret that PCs have advanced greatly in the intervening years, but how does an IBM PC stack up against an iPhone?

Leap Motion shows how gesture control can beat touch screens

The company's new controller, due in July, can give desktop users touch-like control, without the touch, of Windows 8.

Stealth releases fanless, silent mini PC

The company's latest Little PC, with a solid state hard drive and Intel mobile processor, uses an extruded aluminum chassis to dissipate heat.

Fighting malware with hardware can produce better security

Rather than trying to keep up with and get ahead of malicious software, hardware security can help ensure that devices are safe and remain uninfected, says Imation's Larry Hamid.

The key to surviving the Blue Screen of Death blues

When the dreaded screen hits, as it did for John Breeden II recently, it's best to have already expected the worst.