New FISMA looks a lot like old FISMA, survey finds

A recent nCircle survey shows that compliance, not risk, is still the most common security concern for feds.

EMP attack on power grid could take down DOD systems, experts warn

A worst-case scenario could take out parts of the grid for years, according to some studies, and although equipment exists that can prevent such damage, Congress and the power industry cannot agree on action.

Is it data or deception? US-VISIT needs to know.

Of all immigrants coming into the United States, about 825,000 fingerprint records at US-VISIT have multiple names and inconsistent birth dates.

DHS wants to 'change the game' on public safety network

Faced with a need to upgrade aging, stovepiped tactical communications networks and reduce costs, DHS is looking for a “game changing approach.”

Data center project could make DHS what it was meant to be

The department's multiyear consolidation lays the foundation of its future as a data-driven department.

DHS moves forward on cloud-based IT services

DHS is overcoming hurdles in culture and component stovepipes, says CIO Richard Spires

McCain’s retooled Secure IT act still a privacy threat, critics say

The controversial bill has been amended to protect civil liberties, but fails to win over critics who see it as an expansion of military authority and a threat to personal privacy.

Administration unveils plan for battling botnets

Agencies and the Industry Botnet Group will coordinate efforts against what is called a growing threat to the online economy and national security.

IT revolution reshapes federal marketplace

As agencies move toward a model of sharing goods and services, it's changing the business landscape, according to Richard Spires, CIO at the Homeland Security Department.

Critical industries don't grasp IT risks, study shows

A Carnegie Mellon study shows that energy companies and utilities lag behind the more highly regulated financial services industry in cybersecurity and privacy protection.

Have you checked your PC for DNSChanger? The clock is ticking.

It's a small, easy step to make sure you don't risk losing access to the Internet.

Report: Attacks on gas pipeline networks linked to RSA hack, China

Digital signatures used in the spear-phishing campaign against the natural gas industry are identical to those used in the RSA breach, according to a published report.

DHS R&D program has a disconnect with first responders' needs, House panel told

The department has a program to help develop technology for first responders, but matching the money with state and local agencies' requirements has proved difficult.

Spear-phishing attacks hit gas pipeline networks

DHS alerts operators that "tightly focused" attacks, ongoing since at least December, have compromised a number of organizations.

Cyber crime-fighters: A model for international cooperation?

Current international collaboration against online criminals could offer a template for broader cooperation on cybersecurity, although law enforcement has challenges of its own.

Conficker returns, exploiting weak passwords on network systems

Infections by the persistent worm, which takes advantage of weak or shared passwords or stolen login tokens, rose in 2011, Microsoft says.

Security pros not ready for attacks, still don't want government regs

Respondents in a new survey expect to be hit by cyberattacks and have failed to adequately secure their systems, but they also do not want government regulation.