digital services

Dig into feedback on digital services, experts advise

Whether from staff or residents, feedback can help agencies spot pain points and improve user experience.

Building scalable, cost-effective application security

COMMENTARY | Automated scanning and remediation platforms can identify, fix and prevent security gaps and vulnerabilities at the software application and development levels.

Treasury reopens ‘help desk’ for states and localities

The call center, which fielded 300 calls and about 2,000 emails a week before it was shut down, provided governments with assistance on the handling of various pandemic-related programs.

Modernization needs partners inside, outside government

Local leaders say they need buy-in from users as well as partners who can walk them through modernization.

What are the pros and cons of digital workers?

Organizations should consider the costs—and ethics—of implementing an artificial intelligence-enabled workforce.

How does ChatGPT differ from human intelligence?

Humans and computer intelligence harbor many similarities in how they process information, researchers say, but machines still have limitations.

How to build an effective crisis contact center

Preparing a contact center for emergency response involves a unified communications strategy across platforms, staffing flexibility and scalable technology.

Digitized ID eases re-entry for formerly incarcerated

To streamline the re-entry process for released inmates, the Maryland Re-Entry Passport program launched an online portal that stores digitized copies of personal documents.

Where states can learn to turn data into decisions

The Data Labs program helps participating states design data projects that deliver operational efficiency and improved services.

Better data management makes digital services shine

Leveraging metadata and establishing data sharing frameworks across agencies can help government achieve higher data quality and security.

SAFHER cloud-based platform for regulating food and agriculture comes closer to fruition

The System for Agriculture, Food, Health, E-Inspections, and Registration enterprise platform will replace the legacy systems USA Food Safety and USA Plants.

Governments view open source as critical for enhancing digital services, experts say

The U.S. government is “still in the process of organizing and coordinating” its own strategy around the use of open source software, according to a CISA official.

Language accessibility a growing priority for cities

City websites using machine translations still look to humans to ensure accuracy.

More with less: City cuts back website, increases engagement

A customer-focused information architecture helped Olathe improve customer experience for residents and streamline workflow for staff.