digital twins

IoT network delivers real-time data on parking availability

Data from low-power internet-of-things sensors buried under 4,500 on-street parking spaces will help Arlington County better understand the feasibility of demand-based pricing for metered curb space.

Private 5G takes stress off enterprise Wi-Fi

Besides enabling users to stay secure and connected as they travel across campus, Cal Poly’s private network allows for dynamic bandwidth customization, ensuring availability at peak times and scaling back at others.

City seeks digital twin for public building interiors

As original blueprints are no longer accurate, Aurora, Illinois, wants indoor digital maps to update records and increase public safety.

An entire Pacific country will upload itself to the metaverse. It’s a desperate plan – with a hidden message

As climate change threatens the livelihood of Tuvalu, the country proposes uploading itself to the metaverse to virtually preserve its land and culture.

Digital twins need more than infrastructure data, expert says

Real-time, bi-directional data can help cities determine not just what residents are doing – but why, according to the Smart Cities Council.