5 steps to setting up an agency app store

Building an app store can be the best way to make sure employees are using the right mobile apps. Here's a checklist to help you get there.

DISA to begin pilot programs of DOD mobile network

The agency is building the architecture for the Defense Department's mobile network and expects to have it at least partly up and running by the end of the year.

Popular DOD desktop app ready for mobile devices

A DOD desktop-based tool that lets users set up and join meetings on the go is available as a mobile app for Android smart phones and tablets.

DOD still has penchant for BlackBerry 7 devices

New Defense Department approval means personnel can now use the BlackBerry 7 line of products across the department's enterprise network.

DISA to roll out defense-wide mobility plan

DISA is gearing up to launch a DOD-wide mobility strategy that will include setting up an enterprise app store and establishing standards for software developers.

DISA office to manage mobile devices, online app store

The Defense Information Systems Agency opens program office to offer mobile device management services as well as an online store for apps.

DISA knocks down defense network boundaries, makes them anew

DISA is changing the way it provides network and communications services to warfighters by focusing on forces operating in the most disadvantaged areas of the Defense Department's communications network.

For government, cost-cutting is mobile's real killer app

The demand for agencies to lower their operating costs is driving the government's acceleration toward mobile; user convenience is second.

DISA OKs secure Android mobile system for DOD

The Defense Information Systems Agency approved a mobile management system that allows DOD users of Dell smart phones to securely access critical DOD data and applications.

DOD still wrestling with scalability, security for wireless networks

DOD experts discuss the challenges involved in issuing mobile devices to military and civilian personnel.

DISA's website offline for 6th straight day

A problem with a data storage system at one of its Defense Enterprise Computing Centers has kept DISA's website offline since Nov. 12.

DISA approves first Android device for DOD use

Agency approves the Streak 5 mini-tablet for use by Defense Department personnel, opening the way for other Android platforms in government.

Navy enables on-base WiFi access for Reserve personnel

With CAC readers already available to Navy Reserve personnel, providing WiFi access to the NMCI on base is a logical and cost-effective solution for accommodating online demand.

How DOD's info assurance plan is evolving

DOD cyber experts are taking a tactical approach, building a security infrastructure designed to armor-plate sensitive information and critical systems.

DISA adds-in security to military networks

DISA's program executive office for mission assurance and network operations is managing several of the agency's cybersecurity and network defense programs.

DISA to roll-out platform for rapid app development

Platform-as-a-service offering will allow agencies to run apps without worrying about network infrastructure

DISA to boost video and data content delivery to troops

DISA is launching efforts to improve content delivery services and provide additional storage capacity to military users.