Wanted: 3D mapping drones for indoor search and rescue

NIST’s Public Safety Communications Research Division is looking for an affordable solution that will give public safety drone operators accurate indoor positioning and high-quality 3D digital mapping in real time.

DHS seeks solutions to ‘dark swarms’ of drones

The Department of Homeland Security wants to continue countering illicit drone activity, particularly among unmanned aerial devices that are difficult to spot.

State grounds Chinese-made drones over security concerns

The rule bans Florida agencies from using drones manufactured by Chinese company DJI, a move that could have an immediate effect on law enforcement agencies in the state.

Senators request cyber safety analysis of Chinese-owned DJI drones

Lawmakers raised concerns that sensitive data could leak to adversaries through foreign-owned consumer technology. 

NASA tests autonomous aircraft decision tech in Arizona cities

The agency is aiming to help air vehicles respond to anomalies—such as weather changes—faster, as the vehicles are used to provide essential services.

Drones on the front lines in public safety operations

Drone networks that allow seamless communication among devices, first responders and dispatch centers enhance public safety operations.

Governor calls for $37M boost in drone funding

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum proposed $30 million for the state’s unmanned aerial system traffic control network and $7 million for a business and aviation park in Grand Forks.

FCC releases proposed rule to give drones more spectrum access

As unmanned aircraft systems have increasingly versatile uses, the FCC wants comments on how best to share band access with more connected devices.

How one state jockeys for drone, AV leadership

The Arkansas Council on Future Mobility called on the state to capitalize on the rapidly changing mobility landscape by investing in its tech infrastructure and workforce.

Chinese drones could expose state, local governments

Amid the uncertainty surrounding drones’ cybersecurity, a new program vets drones to ensure they meet rigorous security requirements.

Cup lids inspire new way for drones to sense danger

Adding domes to drone wings could help them better sense their surroundings and produce safer flying behaviors.

Drones could make last-mile package deliveries greener

Autonomous vehicles get packages out quicker while potentially reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

Mayors endorse emerging technologies at annual conference

City leaders staked out positions related to drones, public safety, broadband, renewable energy, blockchain technology and more at their 90th annual conference.

Drone inspects subway tunnels after nearby building collapse

After the collapse of a parking garage over subway tunnels, officials in Boston used a drone to assess conditions before sending in a team of structural engineers for in-depth inspections.