election security

Texas may be about to scrap a voting security system it can’t replace

It took years to build the multi-state system known as ERIC, which weeds out duplicate, deceased and suspicious voter registrations. Texas Republicans want to dump it, but there’s no viable alternative.

CISA: Election security still under threat at cyber and physical level

Threats enacted by state-sponsored actors during the 2022 election have highlighted the need for “continued vigilance” in upcoming elections, said CISA Election Security Advisor Kim Wyman.

Feds push local election officials to boost security ahead of 2024

Local election officials are encouraged to beef up their cybersecurity practices to safeguard their voting systems against potential threats heading into the 2024 presidential race.

How ten-sided dice play into Pennsylvania’s post-election audit

Department of State officials rolled ten-sided dice to generate a seed number needed for a post-election audit.

No ‘specific or credible’ cyber threats affected integrity of midterms, CISA says

Despite “a handful” of DDoS attacks targeting state and local election websites and some technical glitches affecting voting equipment, CISA says it saw “no activity” that should undermine faith in the results of the midterm elections.

Voting machine myths likely to increase during and after midterms, report finds

Cybersecurity firm Recorded Future identified mis- and disinformation campaigns suggesting that voting machines from three major companies “will be used to falsify the results of the midterms.”

Cybersecurity front and center in voting innovation

Ensuring votes have a paper trail is a far better solution than relying on emerging, unproven technologies, election security experts say.

CISA director 'very concerned' about election influence from foreign adversaries

Jen Easterly, director of the nation's cyber defense agency, said foreign adversaries could potentially weaponize disinformation and misinformation to incite violence and undermine the public's confidence in the upcoming elections.

A scientist’s quest for an accessible, unhackable voting machine

After 19 years of work, Juan Gilbert says he has invented the most secure voting machine. Will anyone prove him wrong?