Elections and Voting

Election laws in red and blue states are changing. Here's how

With primaries underway and this year's November elections approaching, lawmakers in Republican and Democratic states have overhauled laws to both increase and tighten ballot access.

Russian cyberattack could capitalize on election doubts

The U.S. has better cyber defenses than it did during the 2016 presidential election, but multifaceted efforts to delegitimize democracy and spread misinformation are creating new vulnerabilities.

Phishing scam targets election officials, FBI warns

Election officials in at least nine states received emails with attachments that redirected to credential harvesting sites.

Some states are making it harder to vote, some are making it easier – but it’s too soon to say if this will affect voter turnout in 2022

Most of the recent changes don’t make voting easier or harder. They make the process easier for the state and local officials who run elections.

Redistricting delays scramble state elections

Triggered by pandemic-slowed census counts and court challenges, fluctuating voting district maps are putting state and local election officials under extraordinary pressure to prepare for elections in a shortened timeline.

Billionaire-backed group enlists Trump-supporting citizens to hunt for voter fraud using discredited techniques

The Voter Reference Foundation is putting the nation’s voter rolls online while making unsupported claims suggesting election fraud. The group’s funding can be traced to a Super PAC funded by the CEO of Uline.

Military, overseas voting tech to get boost from grants

Technology to make registering to vote and receiving ballots easier for U.S. service members and Americans living abroad will be getting support from federal government grants.

Technique could prevent voting system 'trash attacks'

Systems that let voters verify their ballots could be easily manipulated, a pair of researchers say, and they propose a simple fix using hashing technology.

Many overseas voters still can't cast a ballot, study finds

The use of online technology for the request and delivery of blank ballots helped to make modest improvements for military and overseas voters in the 2010 election, but many problems remain, according to a post-election survey by the Overseas Vote Foundation.

Hackers vs. DC voting system: Hackers win

Hackers bested D.C.'s voting system after the Board of Elections dared them to try to beat the security measures.

Technical experts sought for input on voting equipment standards

The Election Assistance Commission is filling four slots reserved for experts in its Technical Guidelines Development Committee, which is revising the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines used by states to certify voting equipment. An updated version of the VVSG has been released for public comment.

Voter groups collaborate on XML data model for online voter registration

The effort by the Open Source Digital Voting Foundation and the Overseas Vote Foundation could help automate the states' voter registration processes, which now rely on re-keying information from paper forms.

Implementation plan for voting system requirements set

The Election Assistance Commission is revising current voting system guidelines used by states to buy time for a more complete rewrite that will address thorny technical issues.

NIST releases suite of e-voting system tests for comment

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has released a draft suite of tests to verify compliance with the Election Assistance Commission's new set of voluntary guidelines for voting systems.

Flaw in vote-tallying software silently deletes votes

Nearly 200 votes deleted in California precinct using Premier Election Solutions system in 2008 general election.

EAC certifies first voting system under voluntary guidelines testing program

The Election Management System 4.0 from MicroVote General Corp. underwent a 17-month evaluation against the EAC’s 2005 voluntary voting system guidelines.

Ballot box blues continue

The introduction of online technology into the registration and ballot request processes hasn't solved problems of missing ballots and missed deadlines.