emergency response

Resident data profiles trigger targeted emergency response

First responders can save time and resources when they have access to resident information such as existing medical conditions or their home layout.

How to build an effective crisis contact center

Preparing a contact center for emergency response involves a unified communications strategy across platforms, staffing flexibility and scalable technology.

AI, sensors enhance wildfire detection

A pilot program in Oregon’s Willamette Valley will test how well artificial intelligence-enabled sensors can identify and characterize wildfires, which will help with responder resource allocation and boost community resilience.

Earthquake in Turkey exposes gap between seismic knowledge and action – but it is possible to prepare

Government leaders should leverage seismic data, communications technology and interagency collaboration to better respond to natural disasters.

Locking down Super Bowl security

Federal, state and local government partners are providing air and infrastructure security, cybersecurity, threat assessments and real-time situational awareness.

Report: 6 keys for successful government crisis contact centers

When natural disasters or emergencies arise, agencies must be able to respond effectively to public inquiry, and technology is key.

The cost of wildfires is rising. But by how much?

States are struggling to budget resources for wildfire management given inadequate tracking and reporting of costs.

Faster, scalable triage for mass casualty incidents

DARPA is challenging innovators to develop advanced sensor and algorithm technology that can quickly assess the extent of an injury.