Energy Department's AI office looking for partnerships

Two recently announced artificial intelligence collaborations show how the technology can affect real world problems, according to the head of the Energy Department's AI office.

How to secure 300,000 smart phones? MegaDroid can help.

Sandia Labs’ virtual Android network is part of a larger project to emulate large-scale networks to help understand and defend complex online environments.

Moving encryption to the enterprise edge involves trade-offs

DOE is using a cloud-based appliance to handle encryption of unclassified e-mail, but the solution is not for everybody.

Energy adapts its PKI to handle old and new technologies

Although PIV cards are intended to be a standard source for PKI certificates, legacy hardware and software and the emergence of mobile devices have led DOE to adopt a gateway encryption appliance for secure e-mail.

Energy lab develops Sophia to help secure SCADA systems

A team at the Idaho National Laboratory spent three years developing the software sentry, which monitors industrial networks for any suspicious activity.

Closing big-data R&D gaps

The federal government's big-data initiative fills key research and development gaps where industry fears to tread.

Energy project looks to tame supercomputing's tsunami of data

A new facility at DOE's Argonne National Laboratory will develop tools to extract knowledge from petabytes of data and help researchers use their time more efficiently.

The path to outsmarting advanced cyberattacks

Analytics tools are available to detect attack patterns, but agencies need to take a few steps before gaining the confidence to act on the intelligence they provide.

Energy lab releases open-source tool for tracking cyberattacks

Hone, a tool being developed at the Pacific Northwest National Lab, links network traffic with an application, making it easier to find the source of an IT compromise.

Exercise provides strategies for new federal cyber center

A cyber exercise at Los Alamos National Laboratory is helping to lay the mission foundations and priorities for a new federal cyber coordination center.

Oak Ridge lab takes a new tack on 'big security'

A team at Oak Ridge National Lab is developing tools that use advanced machine learning to counter cyber threats.

DOE offers $100K for best energy-saving apps

The Energy Department has set up a contest to reward developers who write the best apps for maintaining energy savings and awareness among consumers.

Keys to cyber defense: Internal info sharing, skilled staff

Federal agencies need to emphasize sharing security information between their various internal organizations to help facilitate network defense, panelists at FOSE said.

Supercomputing takes new direction at Oak Ridge

The metamorphosis of Jaguar into Titan marks a new architecture design path, and it will give scientists a powerful new research tool.

GAO: Agencies expose themselves to IT supply-chain threats

The four departments with national security responsibilities haven't identified the threats or developed mitigation policies and procedures, a report states.

The making of a supercomputing champ

Oak Ridge's upgrade to new Opteron core processors and new GPUs could give Jaguar a shot at the world title for computing speed.