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5 ways to keep email hacking from damaging your public life

With the midterm elections just around the corner, candidates and government officials must take extra care to ensure their communications are secure.

Smarter asset management: A 3-step strategy to doing more with less

A reliability-based maintenance model prioritizes the infrastructure and assets that maximize efficiency and safety.

Overcoming information governance inertia

A robust IG policy not only improves efficiency, it enables advanced technologies designed to drive agency missions forward.

Balancing security with accessibility: Properly managing information and high-value assets

A comprehensive information management program will help agencies more effectively secure their information, while still maximizing the availability of important agency data.

The smarter city: Las Vegas tunes IT operations with AIOps

To handle the complexity of a smart-city infrastructure, the city has begun applying machine learning and advanced analytics to the data coming from its IT operations.

Lessons from DISA's RPA pilot

The Defense Information Systems Agency found that greater numbers of specialized bots could give it more flexibility in addition to saving time and increasing accuracy.

Streamlining grants management with machine learning

Machine learning and analytics pilots at GrantSolutions.gov aim to improve the processes and workflow around grants management.

Richmond upgrades 311 services

The cloud-based incident reporting platform centralizes service requests and resolution tracking across several departments.

How APIs can unlock data and give life to legacy systems

Using application programming interfaces in system modernization allows agencies to quickly adopt new technologies and platforms.

County optimizes existing ERP while laying the groundwork for a new system

As Multnomah County, Ore., prepares to switch to a new ERP solution, it's getting third-party support for its customized SAP platform.

Government is getting smarter about automation

Agencies are looking to transform everything from contract writing to identity management. The trick could be getting governance to catch up to the tech.

Lessons learned from leaving legacy tech behind

The United Kingdom's Government Digital Service finds making the switch from legacy technology was more complicated than expected.

3 reasons agencies should embrace managed print services -- now

MPS can help agencies enhance their security posture, strategically trim costs and improve operational efficiency.

NASA paves the way for RPA

The space agency's shared services center is working out the kinks in robotic process automation ahead of an agencywide rollout.

Use it or lose it: Leveraging data for better citizen satisfaction

Customer interaction management technologies can help agencies improve efficiency and take advantage of the data they collect from citizens.

Tracking tech transfer agreements

The Department of Veterans Affairs is looking for a cloud-based solution to improve and streamline its technology transfer process.

Digitizing VA processes from the ground up

The Light Electronic Action Framework is web-based, open source process improvement software that helps non-technical users digitize day-to-day operations.