DOE system detects natural and malicious water contamination

Researchers at Sandia National Labs have developed Canary, an open software system that allows water utilities to detect and track natural and man-made contamination events.

Heat wave: So hot you can see it from space

A NOAA animation based on satellite data puts the heat wave in context, while it and other agencies offer practical tips for staying cool.

The 67 percent solution: A CIO confronts the budget squeeze

EPA's new CIO, Malcolm Jackson, proposes five steps to making progress on IT during a time of doing "three things with the same dollars that we used to do two things with."

EPA's 5 priorities for IT success

The EPA's CIO has set five priorities for driving IT management in a time of fiscal restraint.

EPA to move e-mail, help desk, security services to the cloud

Agency's chief information officer looks to establish standards for using external and internal cloud services.

New metric can help gauge benefits of data center consolidation

Organizations in Europe, Japan and the United States agree on a common method to measure energy efficiency in data centers

Bedbugs beware: EPA weaves web(site) on how to kill you

The Environmental Protection Agency has a new online search tool to find pesticides for killing bedbugs.

IBM debuts CityOne simulation game for urban planning

IBM Corp. has launched CityOne, an online interactive simulation game designed to help local government officials find innovative solutions for energy, water, traffic, banking and retail problems.

EPA seeks crowdsourcing with early release of toxics report data

The EPA has released the preliminary data from the annual Toxics Release Inventory report so users can analyze it for themselves.

EPA puts wikis to work on ecosystem support

The Environmental Protection Agency had success with a spur-of-the-moment wiki on managing Puget Sound three years ago. Now it has an ongoing wiki to support watershed management.

Federal sites spread the word on spread of oil spill

As oil from BP's Deepwater Horizon spill spreads toward the Gulf Coast, agencies spread the word on environmental and health concerns, along with updates on the government's repsonse.

3 ways to make virtualization work

Virtualization efforts have run into familiar barriers, including limited budgets, security concerns and a lack of trained staff. But some agencies are seeing improvements in IT resource utilization, cost savings and energy efficiency.

CIO Council set up Data.gov in two months, and third parties are putting the data to use

Data.gov, a one-stop shop for raw government data feeds, was set up in two months, giving visitors access to government information, with the possibility that they would reuse the data.

Several agencies say power management is paying off

Several agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Defense Department’s Office of Personnel and Readiness Information Management, and the Energy Department are achieving or anticipating significant gains by deploying various approaches.

Agencies improve energy efficiency, but recession could cool efforts, survey finds

A CDW-G survey finds that government organizations are doing more to improve IT energy efficiency compared with 2008, but recessionary pressures to reduce equipment costs could reduce greater, longer-term energy savings.

EPA selects Raytheon for IT services

Under the ITS-EPA II contract, Raytheon will provide the environmental agency with IT for a range of services.

New players may change rules of government data game

Government Web managers beware: You might have some competition from advocacy groups and the general public. They might take your raw data feeds and build a site that could even be more alluring than your own.