How data gaps feed inequity

Fully representative datasets are crucial for creating accurate narratives and targeted interventions.

In search of better criminal justice data

The Biden administration wants to know how data can be used to deliver more equitable policing.

A new strategy for western states to adapt to long-term drought: Customized water pricing

Water conservation could be improved with customized approaches. Scientists suggest water agencies leverage customer-level water consumption data to find out who is using the most water and what it takes to make them cut back.

More details emerge on NYC free internet pilot

Residents in Section 8 housing in the Bronx and Upper Manhattan will be covered by a wireless mesh network under the program announced by Mayor Eric Adams.

How the infrastructure act aims to take on digital discrimination

The FCC is considering adopting a set of recommendations for state and local governments that would address disparities in broadband service.

Data to help bridge the racial wealth divide

The Black Wealth Data Center aims to provide easy access to race-based data and empower evidence-driven decision-making.

Testing out new transportation options in the nation’s capital

Washington, D.C. officials are hoping a “mobility innovation district” will help address equity concerns.

Prioritize equity analysis in agency planning, governor says

An executive order requires California agencies to advance equity in their strategic plans by gathering and analyzing data from historically disadvantaged and underserved communities.

Can AI-powered congestion pricing improve transportation equity?

New research suggests big data and machine learning can create an equitable approach to tolling and improve traffic congestion.