Executive Office of the President

OMB to push for big changes in IT management

The federal government is doing a major rehab on how it oversees and manages the $70 billion in annual IT spending.

OPM not doing enough to protect privacy on background checks, GAO says

The Office of Personnel Management handles about 2 million background checks a year, but it needs to do more to ensure that privacy is protected, GAO says.

Consolidate IT infrastructure, save $1 trillion, CEOs say

The Technology CEO Council claims the federal government can save $1 trillion in 10 years by streamlining supply chains, consolidating data centers, automating paper processes and applying anti-fraud analytic tools.

White House targets 26 high-risk IT programs for fixes

Federal CIO Vivek Kundra said the goal of a high-priority IT project list is not to kill the projects, but to turn them around as quickly as possible.

Data errors: OMB's online IT dashboard doesn't compute

The Government Accountability Office found outdated data and other inaccuracies in its evaluation of the Office of Management and Budget's online IT dashboard.

IT spending dashboard goes mobile

Federal Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra has announced an updated Web site to help the public track the $80 billion the government spends annually on information technology.

More feds will telework under new law

Teleworkers of the world rejoice! House lawmakers have passed a bill to expand the number of federal employees eligible to telework.

Obama makes $795M in broadband grants

Some $795 million will be spent for broadband development in rural and underserved areas in a second round of grants.

The new USA.gov: Enhanced search, mobile applications, easier to use

The redesigned USA.gov seeks to be more user-friendly, launched Friday with great fanfare.

OMB puts brakes on financial systems modernization

The Obama administration announced today that it will overhaul the federal financial management system and prohibit agencies from placing task orders or contracts for modernization efforts.

'Identity ecosystem' to replace passwords, draft strategy suggests

Obama administration releases a draft plan that would radically change the standard approach to online identity authentication -- if it works.

OMB tells agencies how to treat their online 'friends'

OMB today overhauled policy on using third-party Web sites and applications and Web measurement and customization technologies.

White House plans strategy for better cyber authentication

White House Cyber Coordinator Howard Schmidt says the Obama administration will release a draft of its national strategy to improve the identification of people and systems in cyberspace.

No pulse, no pay: How the 'Do Not Pay' list will work

Vice President Joe Biden announced today that a governmentwide Do Not Pay List is being created to track debarred contractors, deceased individuals and others ineligible for federal payments.

Cyber chief slams security efforts

The White House's top cybersecurity official calls for needed measures to protect federal networks, some of which should have been done long ago.

OMB social media guidance applies old law to new technologies

The Office of Management and Budget has clarified the application of the Paperwork Reduction Act to social media interactions.

White House memo: Public contests can drive innovation

The Obama administration plans to provide agencies with a Web platform for conducting public challenges.