FBI to open facial recognition searches to police nationwide

A pilot project that started in Michigan will give police in in several states access to a database of nearly 13 million mug shots.

FBI warns of drive-by attacks from Reveton virus

The ransomware can download from a compromised website and freeze a user's computer, demanding that they pay a 'fine.'

Ex-FBI cyber sleuth: Government 'gets it,' but it will take time

Former FBI official Shawn Henry said government understands the need to be more forthcoming with cyber intell, but creating the necessary legislative and policy framework is complex.

DNSChanger servers shut down, Internet survives

Federal agencies were mostly cleared of the malware but for others who lost Internet access, some ISPs softened the blow by redirecting their DNS queries to internal help pages.

Microsoft names 2 alleged leaders of Zeus botnet rings

The company's Digital Crimes Unit, which disabled the botnets after raids in March, will turn over its case to the FBI.

The 5 most common online swindles

Cyber criminals took people for $485 million in 2011 through a variety of scams, the Internet Crime Complaint Center reports. Here are common tactics to watch out for.

Have you checked your PC for DNSChanger? The clock is ticking.

It's a small, easy step to make sure you don't risk losing access to the Internet.

FBI's hotel Wi-Fi warning: Don't talk to strange pop-ups

The alert that travelers are being targeted through hotel Wi-Fi connections is short on details, but it serves as a reminder that the Internet can be a rough neighborhood.

FBI seeks to expand wiretap law to social networks, IM, webmail

The FBI has drafted a proposal that would require social networking, webmail and IM sites, as well as voice-over-IP providers, to make their sites wiretap-ready, and it is asking those companies not to oppose the measure.

New spec lets any mobile device swap biometrics

New protocols sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the FBI and the Homeland Security Department would make biometric technology interoperable and easier to use.

FBI, working group reboot effort to rid computers of DNSChanger

The bureau and the ad hoc DNSChanger Working Group have relaunched their effort to clean machines of the malware before a July deadline.

Server yields no clues to U. of Pittsburgh bomb threats

A server seized in connection with a series of bomb threats directed at the University of Pittsburgh won't help authorities find the person responsible.

Former FBI cyber cop: Hunt the hacker, not the hack

Shawn Henry, former head of FBI's cyber crime team, says private-sector networks lack adequate defenses and require the same level of intelligence available to government networks.

Social media, crime fighter

Police can use social networks to spot trends, counter threats and communicate with the public. But it also has potential pitfalls, law enforcement officers say.

Plan for dealing with insider threats getting close

The FBI and ODNI are leading the initiative to put together the pieces of a coherent national policy on insider threats. “No agency is starting from scratch.”

Army, FBI training about to get Epic

Epic Games has licensed its Unreal Engine 3, which powers such multiplayer games as "Gears of War" and "Mass Effect," to several of the U.S. government's intelligence and defense agencies.

Poor follow-up left public vulnerable after FBI's DNSChanger bust

The take-down of an Internet fraud ring went down as planned, but inadequate public outreach left millions of computers at risk.