Keys to mobile security: Consistent controls, user common sense

GAO report on mobile threats concludes that certain agencies, and all users, can help improve security.

What is LTE, and why is it right for a public safety network?

The details of a national public safety network have yet to be worked out, but the consensus is it will be based on the emerging Long Term Evolution standard.

GOP platform: Sell off government spectrum

The pro-business platform calls for auctioning off surplus RF spectrum and condemns government regulation of the Internet — except when it should be regulated.

FCC, wireless industry battle 'epidemic' of smart-phone thefts

The PROTECT Initiative will use a database of phone and tablet serial numbers to render lost or stolen devices inactive and educate the public on protective steps.

Can spectrum auction prevent the looming bandwidth deficit?

The plan to auction broadcast spectrum for wireless Internet use benefits just about everyone, but broadcasters might not want to give up their licenses.

FCC spectrum auction to fund long-sought public safety network

A congressional compromise allowing the auction to fund the payroll tax cut and extended unemployment benefits also will pave the way for a national wireless network for emergency responders.

FCC shoots down LightSquared's plans for satellite network

Ruling comes after NTIA report concludes there is "no practical way" to solve the problem of GPS interference at the moment.

LightSquared: GPS interference is device-makers' fault

In a petition to the FCC, the company says GPS device-makers have no right to protection from signal interference because LightSquared, not GPS devices, has a license to use the spectrum.

First test finds glitches in Emergency Alert System

Coverage of the Emergency Alert System, built on legacy broadcast radio technology, is incomplete and not completely reliable; FCC and FEMA are updating it with an Integrated Public Alert and Warning System.

GPS-enabled shoes will give Alzheimer's caregivers peace of mind

Shoes with Global Positioning System technology could help track down people with dementia or other cognitive problems when they wander off.

Net neutrality rules survive Senate vote

The Senate voted down a resolution to nullify FCC net neutrality rules, which will go into effect Nov. 20. The president earlier had indicated he would veto the resolution had it passed.

FCC program to offer discounted broadband, PCs for low-income families

ISPs and equipment providers join the effort to close the nation's digital divide by cutting the cost of getting online.

Congress, White House ready to throw down over net neutrality

Congress wants to nullify the FCC's net neutrality rules, which would take effect Nov. 20, but the Obama administration has threatened to veto the resolution.

Don't panic: Nationwide test of emergency alert system set for Nov. 9

The first nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System, set for Nov. 9, will see how the country handles sensory deprivation, even if for a little while.

DHS, Commerce looking to battle botnets

The agencies are mulling voluntary industry standards, and looking for ideas on how best to prevent and identify networks of infected computers, and notify consumers when they've been hit.

FCC to tighten local accuracy requirements for mobile phones

The Federal Communications Commission wants to improve locational accuracy as part of its efforts toward enhanced 911 services.

FCC's controversial Net Neutrality rules take effect Nov. 20

The rules, opposed by industry groups, seek to ensure that providers don't discriminate against competitors.