FirstNet gets new leadership

Robert Tipton "Tip" Osterthaler will chair the 15-member First Responder Network Authority Board.

Mexican network impacts critical border communications

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is concerned that a wireless network operated by the Mexican company Altan will interfere with public safety communications near El Paso.

DHS awards emergency comms services contract

The contract will ensure key stakeholders have access to priority telecommunications services in the event of a major disaster, terrorist attack or act of war.

FirstNet adds cell sites in West Virginia, Wisconsin's Red Cliff Reservation

The new towers will improve connectivity for first responders and expand rural broadband access for local communities.

Coding challenge to strengthen emergency response

The Tech to Protect Challenge is designed to boost capabilities of emergency responders with mobile apps, software applications, user interfaces, data systems and more.

Spreading the word about FirstNet

A new website aims to provide first responders with information, news and analysis about FirstNet, the nationwide public-safety broadband network.

FirstNet touts communications 'bubble' for responders

Emergency Drop Kits will create a 300-foot "connected bubble" that allows responders to maintain constant communication to the nationwide public safety network.

FirstNet brings internet to tribal police

By connecting to the nationwide wireless broadband public safety network, the Oglala Sioux Police Department in South Dakota now has internet access as it patrols one of the largest land-based tribal reservations in the U.S.

FirstNet takes core network, devices, apps for a test run at Boston Marathon

First responders participating in the demo used FirstNet-ready devices with land mobile radio integration and location-based apps.

FirstNet, Verizon announce core public-safety networks

As FirstNet and AT&T launch the dedicated evolved packet core network to support first responders, Verizon announced general availability of its competing network.

Firstnet takes off

The First Responder Network Authority issued a task order this month to begin building the country's first cellular network dedicated to public-safety use.

Is FirstNet secure enough for law enforcement?

Although California eventually decided to opt into the FirstNet national public-safety wireless broadband network, it raised concerns about the network's compliance with Criminal Justice Information Services requirements.

The 'fake news' challenge for first responders

A DHS advisory group offers tops on how local and federal emergency responders can leverage social media.

Colorado gets a leg up on FirstNet deployment

State officials expect their experience testing the demonstration network's capabilities will help as applications and devices come online.

The consumer electronics that power public safety

Connected emergency vehicles, mobile apps for responders and the internet of life saving things show the merging of consumer and public safety technology.

Local law enforcement agencies sign on to FirstNet

The sheriff’s office in Brazos County, Texas, subscribed to the public safety broadband network after participating of one of FirstNet's Early Builder projects.

AT&T disputes Verizon's FirstNet interconnection claims

Although Verizon said it is working on an interconnection with the nationwide public safety network, AT&T said those claims are not true.