Do agencies have a place for open-source hardware?

Open-source electronics components are emerging from university laboratories and entering the public arena.

'Elite' hacker done in by everyday iPhone function

A hacker who posted racy photos gloating about his hack of police officers' home addresses didn't realize the pictures were GPS-tagged and time-stamped.

Got an old cell phone? Bring it to FOSE and support the troops.

You can recycle used phones at the trade show while contributing to the care packages Operation Gratitude sends overseas.

The next big tech? It's on the floor at FOSE.

The show floor will feature the latest technology from nearly 200 vendors displaying products aimed at government computing.

PlayStation Vita: Ready for your network?

Almost anything these days could become a client on your network, even a portable gaming console such as the Vita, with all the advantages and risks that entails.

Key drives a security risk? Not when they're made like this.

The CE-Secure Vault from CMS Products will keep data in transit safe from both the elements and hackers.

DARPA developing contact lenses with 'Terminator'-like abilities

The Defense Department wants to give warfighters science-fiction grade contact lenses that would allow them to magnify distant objects and overlay their vision with battlefield data.

A pioneer in plug-and-play graphics

The Accell UltraVideo USB 2.0 to DVI-I Adapter shows that there is a lot of power in cables, if we know how to use it.

Top tech advances for 2012

From invisible tanks to radar that can see through walls, the GCN Lab's coverage this year points to some jaw-dropping technology developments in 2012.

The iPhone 4S: Rise of the machines

Despite a few beta-related flaws, Apple's latest phone reveals the future of human/machine interaction.

Kindle Fire: A great 2nd tablet, with good features for the job

The Kindle Fire isn't an iPad killer, but instead can complement it and many others. It's the tablet to have if you have more than one.

Motorola debuts cutting edge RAZR smart phone

The Droid RAZR by Motorola proves that thin does not have to mean flimsy.

Should computers be powered down for the holidays?

It's an age-old debate (in the computing era, anyway), and there is a right answer.

Government, consumers hanging out at Lenovo's pad

The IdeaPad Tablet K1 from Lenovo is a newer tablet whose performance deserves a closer look from government users.

The standard keyboard goes virtual

The Celluon Virtual Laser Keyboard with Magic Cube uses an optical sensor to follow the exact positions of your fingers as you type on a laser-projected keyboard.

Tech turkeys: 8 epic product misfires

From devices that did less than what you already had to an operating system people hid from, these products define failure.

A battery that lasts 10 times longer, charges 10 times faster?

A team at Northwestern University discovers a great leap forward in lithium-ion technology.