Administration 'prematurely declaring victory' on IT reforms, GAO says

Despite improvements in the efficiency of federal IT spending, the Obama administration's reform program has a long way to go, an official told a Senate subcommittee.

Who's teleworking? Government doesn't really know.

Because of shortcomings in the way data on telework is collected, it will likely be years before OPM has meaningful measurements of progress, GAO says.

All used up: Agency hardware recycling guideline lacks muscle

GSA guidelines don't carry the weight that mandates do with feds, and GAO believes that the rules for electronic waste disposal needs the backing of an agency with enforcement powers.

IRS systems leave taxpayer data at risk, audit finds

The agency has developed security policies, but incomplete implementation results in weak access controls that expose sensitive data to internal threats, GAO says.

Industry needs government help to protect infrastructure, GAO study says

There is no lack of guidance for protecting the nation's critical infrastructure, but a study found that government could do a better job of providing advice and assistance to non-regulated industries.

Fragmented efforts hurt cybersecurity workforce development

Incomplete and overlapping efforts to identify, track and retain workers have kept some departments from filling the positions, GAO says.

Counterfeit electronics put troops at risk

Counterfeit parts, mostly made in China, have found their way into the U.S. military's supply chain, and now members of the Senate Armed Services Committee want to hold contractors more responsible.

Security worries can hinder cloud adoption, House panel is told

As GSA ramps up FedRAMP, security remains a concern in efforts to move government IT to the cloud, officials told a House subcommittee.

Federal cybersecurity incidents jump sixfold in five years

Federal agencies show persistent weaknesses in their information security controls, GAO says in a new report.

Agencies aren't making full use of smart PIV cards

Although most government employees and contractors have cards, agencies seldom use them for network access and still don't trust cards issued by other agencies, the Government Accountability Office says in a recent report.

FPS risk assessment system foundering

The Federal Protective Service's costs for developing a new risk assessment system have tripled, and the system is two years behind schedule, a new report from GAO says.

Economic crisis puts pressure on FDIC computer systems

The FDIC has eliminated weaknesses in its IT systems, but a GAO review found that the press of business in resolving bank failures has interfered with achieving a complete cybersecurity plan.

Blame for critical infrastructure weaknesses starts with Congress

A lack of clear lines of authority is crippling the nation's ability to protect its critical infrastructure, and congressional dysfunction offers little hope for improvement.

State at odds with GAO over its pioneering security system

The department has been at the forefront in developing a continuous monitoring system for its global network, but officials differ with GAO on what to improve.

After 13 years, critical infrastructure security still lacking

Despite years of presidential directives, legislation and policies, threats to the nation’s critical infrastructure continue to grow, House panel is told.

DOD's cyber strategy lacks organization, manpower and funds, GAO says

A decentralized approach, a shortage of cybersecurity workers, and the lack of a funding strategy are hurting the Defense Department's cyber efforts, a GAO report concludes.

New border strategy to incorporate SBInet-like capabilities

The Homeland Security Department canceled the SBInet border surveillance system two months ago, but SBInet-like technology will live on in the new system proposed for some parts of the border, a GAO official says.