Geospatial Intelligence

Intell video moves to a Netflix model

A video system developed by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency offers recorded full-motion video that is stored in a central location but can be accessed via laptops and other electronic devices.

NGA shifts focus to high-tech world

An apps store for the intelligence community and more participation in crisis response are in the cards for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, according to its new director, Letitia Long, as the agency works to

High-tech war requires innovation, cutting-edge resources from home

Asymmetric warfare requires a high-tech arsenal that includes LIDAR, full-motion video, ground moving-target indicators and other tools for intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance.

The quest for 'technical excellence' in intelligence gathering

Going back to basics on engineering, pushing for more innovation are two key approaches to new-school military IT, two DOD officials say.

Satellite system won't see space anytime soon

As current military satellites become obsolete, time is running out to get the new Mobile User Objective Satellite program off the ground. Now, the Navy is looking to Congress and the commercial sector for help.

Army grapples with sensor overload

The military pushes for plug-and-play tools to improve sensor-to-shooter situational awareness.

NASA borrows a page from Defense situational awareness book

Emphasis on mission-enabling, situational awareness and integration echoes current areas of focus for Defense Department.

New remote-sensing satellite to offer expanded services

A new high-resolution, remote-sensing satellite successfully launched into orbit Oct. 8 will boost data collection capacity and offer expanded services to civilian and defense customers.

Air Force activates new cyberspace defense unit

Combat communications wing supports new Space Command

Battlefield networks roll with the punches

New technologies make wireless networks more powerful and flexible.

Army establishes Geospatial Center, expands focus

The Army Geospatial Center will support the Army Battle Command System and integrate technologies and processes to give warfighters a geospatial common operational picture.