8 great shortcuts for Google Apps, Gmail

If you're new to Google Apps for Government, or even a veteran Gmail user, you might not know about these handy keyboard shortcuts, many of them single-key functions.

Chrome succumbs to Pwn2Own hacks, issues patch

Google's Chrome Web browser fell to multiple exploits March 7 at CanSecWest security conference's Pwn2Own contest, ending its two-year winning streak at the hacker contest.

Colorado joins move to Google Apps

The state expects to cut its e-mail costs in half by providing a unified system to its 26,000 employees.

Robot cars get the green light in Nevada

State becomes the first to allow self-driving vehicles -- for testing, at the moment -- which Google says can increase safety.

How NOAA went from zero to cloud in a year

In just a little more than a year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration went from shopping for solutions for desktop services to a full-scale implementation of Google Apps for Government. Here are some milestones in that process.

What's inside NOAA's cloud?

An installation of Google Apps for Government can feature a variety of different programs.

Google Apps on the job: The GCN Lab tries it out at NOAA

With agencies looking to Google Apps for Government as a cloud computing option, the Lab's Greg Crowe visits NOAA, where a team is putting collaboration, customization and cost-control to work.

Google: Claims of bypassing Safari security settings 'mischaracterized'

The search giant defends itself against claims of subverting Safari, as Microsoft says IE's settings were also bypassed.

Microsoft security patch flagged Google as malicious site

A Valentine's Day update to antivirus and security software, since repaired, told users that the most visited page in the world was infected with the Blackhole Exploit Kit.

Google closes in on Motorola Mobility acquisition

Both companies have been playing a part in the military's move toward smart phones.

Google's Bouncer shows Android malware the door

It may have arrived too late for the 5 million phones recently infected, but Google has introduced Bouncer, a service designed to muscle out apps carrying malicious code.

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, 12 others gang up on phishers

The group's DMARC specification could even keep spam out of your spam filter.

Google: Privacy changes won't affect government clients

The changes to Google's tracking policy announced this week will not apply to existing contracts with its government clients.

Google's all-seeing eye: Good or bad for users?

The company's integrated tracking will give it a sixth sense about users' preferences, but raises privacy concerns. And why can't you opt out?

World IPv6 Launch date set; Google, Facebook, MS on board

The Internet Society sets the date when major service providers, equipment vendors and websites will permanently enable the new protocols. Will users see the difference?

Bing bumps Yahoo for no. 2 search engine spot, but will it last?

A modest increase in Microsoft's U.S. search market share puts it in second place, but is besting Google really in its future?

Google edges out Microsoft in UC Berkeley cloud services bid

Microsoft has lost the bid to provide cloud-based e-mail and calendaring services to the University of California, Berkeley.