GPO expands its e-books to the Nook reader

Making its publications available for the Barnes & Noble e-reader adds to Government Printing Office's small but growing catalog of electronic books.

GPO expands into secure e-document business

The shift to electronic passports opened up a line of business for the Government Printing Office, which is now making PIV cards and other secure documents.

New public printer preps GPO for a multi-format future

The emergence of digital media is putting new demands on the Government Printing Office, and newly appointed acting Public Printer Davita Vance-Cooks says the ability to supply new formats for customers is "critical to our survival at GPO."

Kennedy assassination tapes a hit on FDsys site

The Government Printing Office cooperated with NARA to host recently released audio tapes of Air Force One communications from Nov. 22, 1963.

New public printer: In shift to digital, GPO must 'do everything'

Davita Vance-Cooks, the newly-appointed acting public printer and the first woman in that position, says supporting customers' move from paper to digital is "critical to our survival at GPO."

GPO 2012 funding reflects shift to electronic publishing

Appropriations for the remainder of the fiscal year are down to $126 million, about 70 percent of which is for preparing for digital access and printing.

Quake couldn't stop this agency's 76-year streak

While much of the D.C. workforce took the afternoon off after the Aug. 23 earthquake, GPO crews put the Federal Register online and on the presses, just like always.

How FDsys makes NOAA's records secure, accessible, permanent

More than 5,000 historical documents from NOAA's Coastal Services Center will be archived and made permanently available through the Federal Digital System, an authoritative source for digital public records.

Why not a paperless Congress?

Congress without paper would improve efficiency, economy and transparency, but a love of paper and the need to develop a secure, standards-based life cycle for legislative paperwork means it won't happen soon, a House panel is told.

Next GPO head must guide agency to the digital future

William Boarman, nominated to be the next public printer, would face the challenge of maintaining traditional printing skills with an aging workforce while adapting the 150-year-old Government Printing Office to an increasingly digital world.

GPO employees brave snow, high winds to print economic report

Even after the federal government closed, more than 200 GPO employees traveled from distances as far as Baltimore and Richmond to produce "The Economic Report of the President."

Federal Register goes XML -- at last

Readers can now browse, reorganize, and electronically customize the Federal Register's contents.

FDsys makes America's documents immediate and permanent

The Federal Digital System—a Web site of sweeping scope—offers the public access to documents from all three branches of government through a single portal.

GPO's FDsys now operational

Government Printing Office's Federal Digital System now offers the public access documents from all three branches of government through a single portal.