Green IT

This UPS will scare off phantom power loads

The Tripp Lite UPS System cuts down on wasted electricity by combining a smart power strip and UPS in one device.

ColorQube proves you can't judge green by power use alone

The Xerox ColorQube 8900X printer has great graphical capabilities, is an environmentally friendly office companion, and can anticipate your print times.

Apple rejoins EPEAT, but says standards must catch up to innovation

The company and the green IT certification program agree to work together on evolving environmental standards.

Apple quits green IT program, putting government sales at risk

The company pulled its products from EPEAT, which is required for federal and other government buys. But the iPad and iPhone are exempt, for now at least.

Online tool helps DC residents go green, save green

GreenUp DC is an interactive tool that lets users see existing green energy, stormwater reduction and energy conservation projects, and immediately calculate the potential benefits to their property.

Smart-grid security delayed by questions of government regulation

With billions of dollars being invested a smart electric grid, its security still is being debated by a Congress divided politically over the role of government in securing critical infrastructure.

US energy systems have disaster written all over them

Bringing new, localized sources of energy online in a smart grid would help to create a resilient, independent energy system and could foil potential cyberattacks to boot.

Navy's new disaster response van runs on solar, wind power

The Navy's salvage command has rolled out a command van that uses solar, wind and battery power to supplement its generator.

Ga. town chooses smart grid as a service

The town of Norcross, Ga., is looking to the smart grid as a service to upgrade its electric grid and boost energy efficiency.

Security 'chaos' leaves utility grids vulnerable, report says

In one example, Pike Research shows how a $60 smart-phone app could give an attacker control over parts of a power grid. But what is being done about it?

Hot enough for you: Data center cooling system heats buildings

The water in the mineral oil-fueled cooling tank, heated by computers to about 122 degrees, is being routed to the HVAC systems of surrounding buildings in Sweden.

The paperless agency: Still just a dream in 2011?

Agencies are getting some help in kicking their expensive and wasteful paper-printing habits.

At NASA challenge, a 2-hour flight for $7 in electricity

The winning plane in the CAFE Green Flight Challenge achieved the equivalent of 403.5 passenger miles per gallon, representing a breakthrough in electrical-powered aviation.

Smart grid security: Will 'good enough' be enough?

The emergence of stealthy advanced threats targeting critical systems raises the stakes in trusting our energy system to IP networks.

Solar-powered processor raises new possibilities

An experimental Intel processor requires such low levels of energy that it can run on nothing but sunlight.

NIST, Europeans to collaborate on smart-grid standards

The lead agency in developing technical standards for a U.S. smart grid has agreed to work with an EU group to create a common framework.

Marines find that going green has military value, too

More efficient systems and solar-powered devices at forward bases can help save energy, money and, at times, even lives.