Behind every good e-Gov program ...

The nature of government Web sites has changed dramatically over the past five years. The number of Web pages published by state, local and federal agencies has grown exponentially, and the expectations of citizens, businesses and other government agencies have grown just as much.

The lowdown on networked multifunction printers

<b>What are they?</b> Networked multifunction printers offer workgroup print, copy, scan and fax features.

Please, no Swiss Army Knife clich's

Consolidation. It's a popular architecture strategy touted by government IT shops

Managing a network of networks

Once upon a time, network management was one of the most straightforward of tasks: Monitor the health of key network devices like routers, hubs, switches and servers, and alert someone when something went down.

Don't forget the Web

Government Web sites pose a set of challenges different from those faced by employees.

Beyond section 508

Ask anybody: Computers can be a pain to use.

Financially Sound

More driven by federal policy than technology, recent developments in financial software for government are closely tracking high-level directives that emphasize lines of business, strategic plans and project portfolios instead of next week's payroll or overdue payables.

Science project

When you were a kid, did you work through the projects in books such as The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments or Fun with Electronics: Build 25 Amazing Electronic Projects!?

Chips for the next dimension

he Defense Department is spending millions of dollars to improve the processing performance of integrated circuit chips by stacking them in layers.

Allume Personal Image Manager

Digital photos are becoming as much a part of life as e-mail or cell phones.


According to Filtalert Corp. of Charlottesville, Va., maker of the PuraPC filtration system, dust is the leading cause of computer failure over time.

Yahoo Konfabulator

Even though it is called a 'desktop,' the backdrop display on your PC certainly doesn't have very many of the handy tools usually found on top of your actual desk.

Brother QL-500 Printer

The QL-500 printer from Brother International Corp. of Bridgewater, N.J. fills a niche in the printing environment.

The lowdown on all-in-one phones

An all-in-one phone, also called a smart phone, typically combines mobile phone functions with a personal digital assistant and, usually, a camera.

Users make the call

It's something of a paradox: From time to time, industry pundits will suggest that all-in-one phones have a limited appeal and a small audience. And then, just to confound things, buyers go out and snap them up.

Double-digit PCs may vanquish the digital divide

Much of the discussion in the last decade about the 'global digital divide' between the technology haves and have-nots has focused on ways to subsidize the cost of PCs for those in developing countries.

The lowdown on PCs under $1000

A desktop PC that costs under $1,000.