Listen: Lab Director John Breeden on the GCN Best of FOSE Awards

Lab Director John Breeden II discusses the GCN Best of FOSE Awards on Federal News Radio.

FTC accuses Intel of stifling competition in CPU market

The Federal Trade Commission alleges in an administrative action filed today that Intel Corp. has engaged in decade-long pattern of anticompetitive behavior, and seeks non-monetary remedies against the computer chip giant.

Bird is the word for 2009

Be kind to your fine feathered friends or else they might drop a piece of sandwich into your particle accelerator.

DOD modernizes cryptographic device

The Defense Department is modernizing its cryptographic key fill technology, replacing its currently used yet obsolete KYK-13 devices with Really Simple Key Loader from Sypris Electronics.

AMD in the chips after Intel antitrust settlement

Intel has agreed to pay Advanced Micro Devices $1.25 billion is a settlement of three antitrust and patent disputes, although other cases continue.

ArcSight Logger 4 offers protection from cybercrime

ArcSight unveils the fourth generation of its log management tool, ArcSight Logger.

New remote-sensing satellite to offer expanded services

A new high-resolution, remote-sensing satellite successfully launched into orbit Oct. 8 will boost data collection capacity and offer expanded services to civilian and defense customers.

A lesson on what not to do with data when repurposing IT equipment

Some DOD organizations have been sending IT hardware away for reuse without properly scrubbing sensitive data first, IG finds.

NSF commissions supercomputer to visualize ever-larger data sets

The 2,048-core system, nicknamed Longhorn, will be capable of 20.7 trillion floating-point operations per second, will help researchers keep pace with the explosive rate of data production, TACC officials said.

TechGuard announces new security appliances

The new line expands on the PoliWall Q security bridge, which was built on PoliWall’s country and IP filtering, using the company’s High-speed Internet Protocol Packet Inspection Engine filters.

Solid-state drives move toward the mainstream

The Intel X25-M Mainstream Serial ATA SSD offers reliable and fast performance at a steep, but decreasing, cost.

HP's Z400 a workhorse workstation in any configuration

The HP Z400 Workstation delivers a lot of power for the workstation user, with plenty of room for future upgrades.

Denial-of-service-attack worries dominate Cisco patching

If the latest semiannual round of security advisories from Cisco are any indication, DOS attacks continue to be a serious — and largely unsolvable — problem for networks.

HP unveils imaging tools for government

HP unveils four imaging products designed with the public sector in mind.

Omni-ID extends reach of passive RFID

Omni-ID introduces RFID products that hold up to extreme conditions.

HP unveils snappy laptop PCs with eye toward Windows 7

Windows 7-ready lineup combines striking good looks with mobility.

Researchers apply synthetic DNA to explore next frontier in processors

Just as the makers of microprocessors appear to be reaching the practical limits of integrated circuits, researchers could be opening new frontiers in chip technology by making use of DNA molecules.