New Red Hat Linux 5 version meets federal security standards

A new security certification allows federal agencies to use Red Hat's Enterprise Linux 5 with the KVM hypervisor on IBM systems for a variety of command and control and secure operations.

IBM rolls out integrated systems to automate most management, updating jobs

IBM's new line of products is designed as an integrated package from the beginning, which is intended to eliminate time and money wasted on operations and maintenance.

IBM taps 33 cities worldwide for "smarter cities" grants

Eight U.S. cities were among 33 recipients of IBM's Smarter Cities Challenge grants for 2012, which handed out $50 million in IBM expertise to 100 cities worldwide.

IBM achieves quantum computing milestone

Researchers at IBM have developed new error-correction and fabrication processes that greatly increase processing times for quantum computers.

IBM's 'racetrack' could change the world of computer memory

The innovative architecture could lead to data-centric computing that allows massive amounts of data to be accessed in less than a billionth of a second.

New modeling, analytics can help cities solve their fiscal crises

Without new analytic modeling technologies, cities might be in the dark about the best ways to solve some of their more complex financial problems.

Dr. Watson? How IBM system can improve diagnosis, treatment.

The system's deep search and analysis ability can help doctors quickly sift through mountains of data in multiple databases.

Dubuque, IBM study ways to reduce energy use

The Smarter Energy Cloud gives residents access to information about their energy use and shares best practices through an electricity portal.

IBM's experimental chip 'thinks' like a human brain

IBM has developed prototypes of energy-efficient chips that emulate the synapses, neurons and learning functions of the human brain.

How does a city work? Interactive model gives Portland answers.

IBM and the City of Portland, Ore., built a model that connects the relationships between the city's core systems and projects how they affect each other.

Vermont takes contract signing to the cloud

With cloud services and electronic signature technology, the state speeds up the process, while ensuring security.

IBM's Watson charts new frontiers for computer science

The "Jeopardy!"-winning computer broadens the boundaries of human-machine interactivity.

IBM claims breakthrough with 'liquified' memory

Phase-change memory, around since the 1960s but deemed too unreliable and expensive, could be the thing of the future.

IBM rolls out cloud-based backup, recovery and archiving services

IBM's new SmartCloud services would let organizations restore service quickly after an outage.

Did IBM jump the gun on 100-year celebration?

June 16, 1911 marks a business deal that resulted in IBM, but there are other contenders for its real birthday.

For 100 years, IBM kept changing in order to stay IBM

There are scads of reasons IBM has survived and thrived over the last century, but not least of them has been technological innovation.