Not everything we call AI is actually ‘artificial intelligence.’ Here’s what you need to know

Systems that involve learning and adapting are considered artificial intelligence, and one expert says advancements in the data, computation and algorithms behind AI could someday imitate the way humans think.

Want to land an innovation hub?

The Innovation Hubs Index gives communities data-driven metrics to help them better understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Historic fusion ignition promises innovation in clean energy, national security

The breakthrough fusion experiment conducted last week at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory stands to change the U.S.’ national security posture and sustainable energy development.

Startups get hands-on intro to the smart city space

The Smart Futures Lab in Denver provides a physical and digital community where participants can hone their technology and find government partners.

Failure is inevitable, so why not learn from it?

Agencies that can “fail forward” learn to identify, analyze and communicate about how projects fall flat and work toward innovative solutions to complex government problems.

How the Steel City onboards innovation

Pittsburgh’s PGH Lab partners with local startups to help city departments improve efficiency, transparency, sustainability and inclusivity.

Becoming a future city

Learn how local leaders from across the country are preparing for the opportunities and challenges at Route Fifty’s third annual Future Cities summit, Sept. 27-29.

Cities that hyped crypto are now contending with the crash

This month's cryptocurrency market meltdown is raising new questions about how far local governments and public officials should go getting involved with the virtual asset.

The benefits of digital payments automation for local government

Digital billing can improve collection efficiencies, reduce call volumes and save organizational costs and resources.

Deadline extended for FCW's Federal 100 nominations!

You now have until Tuesday, Jan. 11, to get them in. Happy holidays!

Government is getting smarter about automation

Agencies are looking to transform everything from contract writing to identity management. The trick could be getting governance to catch up to the tech.