Technicalities | Not-so -mobile phones

A software service that detects speed keeps you from making or receiving cell phone calls while driving. But what if you're not behind the wheel?

Michael Bechetti | Technical Difficulties

This week's editorial cartoon: Underrated moments in green IT.

GPO gets into the card business

The Government Printing Office is expanding its efforts to bring the production of electronic documents in-house, giving government control over the entire production process.

Configuration management for the battlefield

The Army deploys Netcordia's NetMRI configuration management software on its Warfighter Information Network-Tactical to help prevent network crashes in the battlefield.

Who's ahead on voting

The speed that can be gained from electronic voting systems should never trump accuracy.

The Army learns to share

The Army has issued a set of knowledge management principles to give its personnel a better idea of how to effectively share information.

Kansas reins in its networks

Kansas consolidates state agency systems and saves money by using the Network Node Manager i series network management tool to give all the state's users a common view.

SGI builds Linux Networx

SGI's acquisition earlier this year in Linux Networx is fueling SGI's foray into clustered high-performance computing.

Tamper-proof RFID tags

MIKHO has developed passive radio-frequency identification tags that resist tampering, which is something that until now only more expensive active RFID tags could do.

Technicalities | Quantum leap

A European Union project puts quantum cryptography to workwith a demonstration of how it could be applied to networks.

Software puts data on the map

The Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency combines Cognos business intelligence software and MapInfo mapping software to give its agents a handle on client data.

Biometrics moves past 'what if' and into 'how to'

To judge from the talk at the Biometrics Consortium Conference, biometrics in the U.S. military has moved out of the realm of the possible; DOD's biggest concerns now are implementation.

NIEM ventures forth

The team that developed the National Information Exchange Model is working on Version 2.0 of the XML-based information sharing system.

Technicalities | Gifts of gab

GSA marks the first anniversary of GovGab, a blog that mixes information from the agency's resources with the personal experiences and knowledge of everyday people.

Make way for IT

Sitting in front of a terminal or confining yourself to the data center all day mightkeep your network lean and mean, but it doesn't seem to do your waistline any good.