Intelligence Management

Army moves to expand ground signals intell system

The Army's intelligence arm is building combat muscle as the service readies to expand the mobile Prophet Enhanced ground signals intelligence system that it says is proving vital through its flexibility and mobility on the battlefield.

Spoiler alert: Spy techniques dissect GOP presidential nominees

The facial analysis technology that helps the CIA and TSA identify threats helps political analysts predict presidential campaigns.

Intell office developing analysis tool to help find needle in a haystack

The intelligence community has a few data-mining and data analysis systems in place that make life easier for analysts who must wade through vast amounts of data to identify threats.

FBI posted a perfect record on snooping requests in 2010

The court that reviews the FBI’s requests for secret electronic surveillance of U.S. residents granted 100 percent of them in 2010, raising concerns that it’s merely rubber-stamping the requests.

DI2E framework seeks to unite wealth of intelligence data

The Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise represents a formal system of exploitation, analysis, production and dissemination of intelligence across the Defense Department and intelligence agencies.

CIA changes the info-sharing game

The CIA now makes all sorts of data available to more than 100,000 authorized users through its Worldwide Intelligence Review.

Is government ready for the semantic Web?

The government has been slow to take up semantic technology, but a relatively obscure interagency XML project could provide a much-needed boost in fields such as law enforcement and health care.

DOD need for info-sharing speed backfired with WikiLeaks

Senators warn about reverting to the pre-9/11 days of hoarding information, and say instead that agencies need to balance security concerns with needs.

Report: WikiLeaks source exploited security flaw

A State Department program lacked a feature that might have alerted officials to the unauthorized download of diplomatic cables.

Intell fusion centers need to set performance goals, GAO says

The intelligence fusion centers created for sharing intelligence information need to be evaluated on their performance, the GAO says.

Spymasters in search of forecasting software to enhance intell analysis

The research organization for intelligence agencies wants organizations to propose research to develop methods that provide more accurate, precise and timely intelligence forecasts.

Officers to get guidelines for open-source intell

Officials are drawing up guidance and certifications for people in the country's intelligence agencies who develop open-source intelligence.

Connecting the dots isn't what it used to be

Increasing amounts of digital information has increased the need for accurate intelligence analysis, writes Scott Schumacher, who takes a mathematician's approach to explaining why.

Verizon releases framework for reporting security incidents

There is a trend toward standardizing language used to identify vulnerabilities and threats, but so far the trend has not extended to the reporting of security incidents.

The weakest link in anti-terror systems

President Obama described recent failures in anti-terrorism efforts as systemic. But they were not failures of systems; they were failures of human beings using the systems.

Navy's network security roadmap explained during Virtual FOSE

Navy Department Chief Information Officer Robert Carey will be the keynote speaker at tomorrow’s Virtual FOSE conference.

U.S. defense technologies put at risk by bureaucratic turf wars: GAO

Weapons and other defense-related technologies are in danger of falling into the wrong hands, according to a recent report by the Government Accountability Office.