Easy-to-use attack exploits IPv6 traffic on IPv4 networks

Setting up a rogue IPv6 router on an IPv4 network gives attackers access to the host's Internet traffic, one more reason to enable IPv6 rather than waiting for an attacker to do it for you.

The switch to IPv6 is on: Who’s out in front?

A year after the global launch, traffic using IPv6 has doubled, with some mobile networks, university campuses and government agencies driving the switch.

Killer app for IPv6? It’s the Internet.

According to readers, the driving force for moving to IPv6 is to keep the Internet alive and well.

When moving to IPv6, beware the risks

Enabling IPv6 on a network inevitably presents security challenges; NIST identifies the risks and remedies.

Will IPv4 be obsolete sooner than expected?

The U.S. government is leading the transition to IPv6 and use of the new protocols is growing; one observer predicts IPv4 will be obsolete by the end of the decade.

Will IPv6 ever have a killer app?

The push for IPv6 so far has been all stick and no carrot. Do agencies switch because OMB says so or because they're afraid of running out of IPv4 addresses? Do readers know what will make everyone want to move?

IPv6 boosts mobile performance, panel claims

As the use of IPv6 broadens, mobile users should see gains in performance, according to a panel at CES.

Graded on a curve: How feds lead the way on IPv6

Most agencies missed the Sept. 30 deadline, but industry observers say it's not the raw numbers but the shape of the curve that matters.

White House follows its own order, gets to 'green' on IPv6

With just days to go before OMB's deadline for agencies to enable public facing resources with IPv6, the White House complies.

Use of IPv6 showing signs of life

A survey by the five Regional Internet Registries shows there still isn't a lot of IPv6 traffic, but the trend is upward.

Why is ICANN selling government-sounding domain names?

An investment group that applied for 307 generic top-level domains, including .army, .airforce and .medical, is raising concerns over the potential for fraud.

Too many agencies asleep at the wheel as IPv6 deadline looms

Just days before the deadline for enabling the next generation of Internet Protocols on web sites, more than half have not yet begun to do so, according to NIST. Meanwhile, the supply of IPv4 addresses continues to run out.

IPv6 roadmap tweaked to help agencies over finish line

The Federal CIO Council, together with ACT-IAC, has updated its IPv6 roadmap to help agencies meet looming deadlines for new Internet Protocols.

Where’s my Internet? ISPs ready for DNSChanger calls.

Despite months of warnings and offers of help, hundreds of thousands of people still have not cleaned up DNSChanger infections and stand to lose Internet access July 9.

The AC/DC lesson: Why IPv4 will be with us a long time

Thomas Edison lost the Current Wars to AC back in the 1890s, but more than 100 years later some customers still were using DC power from the grid. Could IPv4 last as long?

UN regulation of Internet: 'The threat is real'

Opposition to proposals to extend international regulations to the Internet is bipartisan and seemingly unanimous across U.S. government and industry.

Beware UN regulation of the Internet, panel warns

Some nations want more regulation of the Internet, and would give control to the ITU. U.S. government and industry officials say that's a bad idea.