it infrastructure

States sketch out roadmaps for zero trust ‘journey’

As states experiment with zero trust, they are working out technologies, governance and procedures for securing IT infrastructure.

State looks to ‘unconventional’ tactics to find talent

The Indiana Office of Technology eliminated degree requirements for most jobs in 2019, and now it uses a work-based learning apprenticeship program to reskill employees keen to learn IT.

State details how agencies must apply TikTok ban

The Texas plan requires agencies to ban employees and contractors from downloading the app and other prohibited tech on connected state devices, identify areas where sensitive information could be exposed and implement network-based restrictions.

4 reasons it's time to reassess your cloud architecture

COMMENTARY | Agencies should be sure their hybrid cloud strategies address future costs as well as performance, security and skills requirements.

Report: 6 keys for successful government crisis contact centers

When natural disasters or emergencies arise, agencies must be able to respond effectively to public inquiry, and technology is key.

Counties to field red team pen testers

The Atlanta Regional Commission wants help conducting penetration tests on local county IT systems.

Why cloud is a budget breaker

Misunderstandings about cloud security, scalability and storage has led to the vast majority of enterprises spending much more than anticipated, a new survey finds.

How to keep a complex cloud and on-prem ecosystem on track

Keeping to a true north, taking an open or closed approach and managing the change will help keep modernization projects under control, state and local CIOs advise.