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Agencies hard hit by shortage of cybersecurity pros

Programs are under way to identify, educate and provide career paths for potential cybersecurity professionals demanded by government and private industry, a panel of experts said, but it will be years before the pipeline is producing.

FBI agents cheated on computerized exam, IG says

The FBI's inspector general today alleged that agents and supervisors cheated on an operations exam delivered online.

6 IT lessons learned the hard way

Even the best government IT practitioners had to fail at some point to learn the lessons that propelled them to their eventual successes. Here are their stories.

DHS restructures IT workforce

The Homeland Security Department is restructuring its workforce to achieve a more even balance between federal information technology personnel and contractors.

Lawmaker seeks hearing over proposed Joint Forces Command closing

Congressional pressure continues to build over Defense Secretary Robert Gates' plan to close the U.S. Joint Forces Command, headquartered in Norfolk, Va., which employs about 6,000.

Cybersecurity boot camps are a start toward a skilled workforce

A year after the launching the U.S. Cyber Challenge, three universities are wrapping up the first series of security boot camps aimed at recruiting college students into the ranks of security professionals.

Industry retirees leave mainframe computers behind

Old mainframe computers stay at a company longer than the employees who know how to run them, according to a news report.

Wanted: A few good IT pros

A survey of IT managers and recruiters by the Dice Report finds that 71 percent expect to hire more staff members in the second half of the year than they did in the first, and 30 percent said salaries for new hires are on the rise.

Message from agencies: Don't work here!

Federal agencies, mired in outdated technology and bureaucratic management, are their own worst enemies in efforts to hire and retain top talent.

Cyber Challenge: 10,000 security warriors wanted

The Cyber Challenge has set as its national goal to identify and train an army of cybersecurity experts to help fill shortages in industry and government. Campuses like Cal Poly are helping to lead the charge.

Telework legislation moves closer to passage

A bill that would expand the opportunities for telework across the government has moved a step closer to being passed.

Report: Systems engineer is best IT job

San Francisco-based research and analysis group, Focus, has named systems engineer as the "best job in America."

The search for federal IT jobs: Just a buyer's market?

The story of problems encountered by a would-be government IT worker generates a host of complaints about hiring practices in the federal workplace.

Tales from the federal hiring labyrinth: Readers tell their stories

An information technology professional who expressed his frustration at trying to find a job in government finds plenty of kindred souls among GCN readers.

Do federal hiring processes discourage qualified applicants?

Although officials lament the shortage of qualified IT security professionals to fill critical roles in government ranks, one frustrated applicant complains that cumbersome hiring policies discourage those who want the jobs.

Help wanted: Agencies will need 11,000 more IT workers

Federal agencies will need to hire over 270,000 new employees for mission-critical jobs over the next three years, including over 11,549 IT pros, according to new survey.

DOD, OPM conclude Defense personnel system needs overhaul

The National Security Personnel System should be rebuilt because of systemic problems, a task force finds.