HP unveils thinner, lighter Ultrabooks

HP introduced two Ultrabook Workstation models it says are good fits for demanding mobile users.

Surface Pro 3 stretches for the enterprise

For enterprises looking to equip staff with both tablets and laptops, Microsoft is positioning its Surface Pro 3 as a full-powered business PC and a tablet while sweetening the deal with a discount and new support program.

HP debuts IT systems fit for public sector demand

HP announced mobile devices and virtual workstation technology the company says meet the demands of its government customers.

County gives staff secure remote access with Windows to Go

Fairfax County's Platform Technology Division deployed Windows to Go, a bootable, certified USB drive that lets employees take their work computers anywhere.

Rugged notebooks and modular handhelds debut

Two companies, Dell and VT Miltope, recently announced rugged models for users in military service, public safety, manufacturing and first response.

NCS Technologies to debut zero-client laptop for government

The more secure laptop could also reduce costs, improve energy efficiency and ease deployment and administration.

Theater of the not-so-absurd: Dell dramatizes Mil-Std testing

With its comic video depicting an unlucky lawyer running laptop endurance tests, Dell hopes to inspire its users to share their stories of rugged gear.

HP laptop has workstation power, gov-level security

The ZBook 15 is a powerful workstation in every way except size and shape.

HP soups up, adds ultrabook to Z Series workstation lineup

Company adds the ZBook Mobile Workstation as it upgrades its line of high-powered computers and displays.

Tales of rugged tech survival could win new gear

The Tech vs. Wild contest is looking for true stories of rugged computing devices that survived the worst of times.

Eurocom puts a 1.5 T drive into ultraportable Monster

The SATA 6 Travelstar drive provides fast transfers and vast storage for mobile users who need capacity but don't want extra weight.

Lenovo shows off high-performance, rip-and-flip laptop/tablet

The Helix, with an Intel Core processor and running Windows 8, functions as an ultrabook, but with a detachable tablet screen.

The mutating malware monster demands new defenses

Revised guidance from NIST on defending against malware reflects the evolution of malicious code, which is becoming more complex, dangerous and difficult to detect.

Haswell chips can give a laptop workstation power

The Scorpius 2.0 is an example of what's possible with Intel's new low-power, high-performance processors.

Dell goes to school with new, low-priced Latitude

The 3330 isn't a powerhouse and lacks some government-style security features, but its performance, price and peripherals will fit just fine in educational settings.

From an $8,150 laptop to disposable smart-phone satellites: A mobile timeline

Fueled by government research, advances in portable computers, untethered phones and wireless communication standards ushered in today's anytime, anyplace way of doing business.

Panther laptop blurs the lines between portable and workstation

It's no lightweight, but for workers who need portability while running 3D, CAD and other powerful apps, the Panther is built for the job.