Library of Congress finds a two-way street on Flickr

Posting sets of historical photos on Flickr has drawn a lot of views — new photos and information — from the public.

Library of Congress aids geospatial data preservation

The Library of Congress and Columbia University are creating a Web-based information hub to provide best practices, tools, methods and services to assist organizations in preserving geospatial data.

OMG! Fleeting thoughts that last forever

Every idle thought you committed to cyberspace during the past four years now is being archived for posterity by the Library of Congress.

Think tweets are ephemeral? Think again.

GCN Lab's Trudy Walsh is amazed her tweets are in the same library as Lincoln's second inaugural address.

Project at a glance: National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program

Preserving millions of physical items in LOC collections and the terabytes of new data being produced so that they will be accessible in a digital future.

Library develops tools to bag and tag data for large file transfers

The BagIt specification was developed to provide a standard package format that could be used to simplify transfer of large files between institutions that gather and preserve digital data.

Library of Congress preservation program works with millions of items, terabytes of data in a full spectrum of formats

With more than 100 million physical items already in its collections and new digital material coming in by the terabyte, the Library of Congress is developing standards, specifications and tools to help ensure that this material remains accessible to future generations.

Digitization and democracy

The Library of Congress is digitizing historical — and fragile — books to make them widely available as part of an open-content movement.

Lock down that data

Technology alone is not enough to secure sensitive personal data, but a new tool could help.