Lockheed Martin

RSA: Nation-state was behind SecurID hack

Company says the skill and resources required for the attack show it must have been backed by a country's government.

DOE takes innovative approach to data center consolidation

Energy's agreement with Lockheed Martin is the first to use an energy-savings contract for data center consolidation and IT enhancements.

Air Force to build Space Fence to track orbital junk

The next-generation space radar will allow ground controllers to find and track even small pieces of debris.

NSA looks to protect defense contractors from cyberattack

The National Security Agency is offering its scanning tools to protect e-mail and other digital communications for major defense contractors, as part of what could be an escalating cyber war.

RSA confirms its tokens used in Lockheed hack

The complicated attack might have used log-in data obtained via a phishing attack along with algorithm seed numbers taken from RSA to generate new passcodes.

Another major defense contractor hacked; RSA tokens likely involved

Information that could enable attackers to break the RSA SecurID token is believed to have been used in attacks against major defense contractor L-3 Communications, which followed a similar breach against Lockheed Martin.

'Significant' attack shuts down Lockheed network

RSA SecurID tokens could have been exploited in hack, reports say.

FBI deploys faster fingerprint ID system

The FBI has begun using its new fingerprint identification system to help 18,000 law enforcement agencies manage and speed fingerprint search processing in order of magnitude.

NARA's digital archive failing on promise to preserve and protect

Guest columnist Frank A. McDonough offers three examples of electronic archives that outshine NARA's troubled effort to preserve government records.

DOD signs on for CPU-GPU hybrid supercomputer

The Defense Department hired Appro International to build an Appro 1U-Tetra supercomputer, which will use a hybrid arrangement of computer processing units and Nvidia M2050 graphics processing units.

Pass the GIS: First responders get a data-sharing app

A new data exchange system, developed by Lockheed Martin, allows first responders in three Maryland counties to share geospatial imaging and map information.

A challenge to enterprise architects: Think innovation

Lockheed Martin's Mel Greer challenges EA practitioners to move toward an environment in which they use enterprise architecture not only for compliance and alignment but also to drive EA as an enabler for innovation.

DHS adds vendor muscle to modeling and simulation effort

Lockheed Martin’s Space Systems Company’s Advanced Technology Center to assist the DHS Science & Technology Directorate’s Complex Event Modeling Simulation and Analysis (CEMSA) project under a five-year, $7 million contract.

Lockheed releases open-source social networking tool

Government technologists may soon have a new way to address the complexities of managing IT: Lockheed Martin has introduced a new open source enterprise social networking tool, Eureka Streams.

Air Force acknowledges stealth UAV

Air Force officials confirmed the existence of an unmanned aerial vehicle Dec. 4 that incorporates stealth design characteristics and has been sighted in Afghanistan, report David Fulghum and Bill Sweetman in Aviation Week’s 'Ares' blog.

Joint Strike Fighter to get better targeting abilities

The stealth fighter plane will be fitted with new sensor technology.

14 tech firms form cybersecurity alliance for government

A new testing center, part of an effort led by Lockheed Martin and 13 IT companies, will allow for collaboration on developing better cyber defenses.