Logistics Information Systems

Franken sets hearing on iPhone tracking

In the thick of privacy questions resulting from the discovery that Apple monitors consumers' GPS locations in an unprotected way, Sen. Al Franken announces a hearing on the subject.

Mitre calls all innovators for ID contest

Mitre Corp. has launched of an identity recognition competition open to techies, amateurs and professionals, individuals, and teams alike who think they have an idea to improve identity recognition technologies.

DOD creates fun and games for acquisition education

A new casual gaming site launched this week by the Defense Acquisition University lets users learn about logistics in a fun way.

Logistics gets a new worldview

A new Army logistics program uses Google Earth technology to create an interactive system to plan supply routes and track cargo.

NIPRnet Globe Services at a glance


FEMA needs to bridge logistics software gaps: IG

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has made progress in logistics, but its Total Asset Visibility logistics information system isn't finished, a new report says.

Army aims for better e-mail, ERP services by upgrading infrastructure

Gary Winkler, the Army program executive officer for enterprise information systems, discusses plans for the area processing centers and lessons learned in recent implementations of enterprise resource planning systems.

Army awards logistics modernization contract

The Army plans to use software from IFS North America for the Logistics Modernization Program underway at all Army arsenals, depots and ammunition plants.

Project at a glance: Defense Health Patient Movement Items Tracking System

The Patient Movements Item Tracking System records the location of medical equipment through bar-code scanning at each stop. The data is stored in a central database that is available to logisticians via a Web interface.

DOD bar code/database system proved inexpensive to develop and easy to use

The Patient Movement Items Tracking System ensures that the necessary medical equipment travels with wounded soldiers as they are moved from the battlefield to a hospital.

DOD asset-tracking tool wins Kantara award for innovative ID management

The Defense Department's Synchronized Pre-Deployment and Operational Tracker earns the Kantara Initiative's Identity Deployment of the Year award for its innovative use of Web-based technology to track contractor assets in the field.

Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration tests command and control on the go

This year's Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration focused on mobility, field-testing a new set of prototype command and control technologies by running them in a simulated operational environment.

New York City goes wireless

A high-speed, mobile data network that spans more than 300 square miles wirelessly links first responders on scene with incident managers at remote sites through real-time data and video feeds.

DLA moves EMall to DISA servers

Application provider Partnet helped with transition to .mil address.

Transportation aggregates hazmat reporting

The Transportation Department unveiled a Web portal for pinpointing the locations of hazardous materials around the country.