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Shop 'til you drop on the government's time?

The holiday shopping season is upon us. But with busy schedules and limited time to shop in the stores, is it OK for feds to to make personal online purchases while at work?

Federal IT security workforce could double in 5 years*

A survey of C-level executives predicts that the federal IT security workforce will double in the next five years, but budget squeezes and a shortage of qualified workers might make that a tall order to fill.

Can agencies take the next step on telework?

Agency compliance with the Telework Enhancement Act and other mandates is likely to be the main topic at a conference this week in Washington.

New iPhone app keeps an eye on users, including teleworkers

The new iPhone application iKeyGuard is rolled out, and two scientists discover the same device is keeping tabs on your locations in an unprotected way.

Qualified cyber pros in high demand but scarce supply

Government agencies need qualified cybersecurity specialists with active government clearances but are having difficulty finding them, a new study finds.

Shutdown would highlight government's IT dependence, experts say

Many crucial IT systems would halt and leave the government in unchartered territory in the event of a shutdown -- and history provides no guidance for how to respond.

Who gets hit when the government shuts down?

More than 800,000 federal employees will be affected when funding for the government expires April 8.

DOD blocks employees from video sites in wake of Japan crisis

Access to streaming video on websites, including YouTube, Amazon and Google video, has been blocked by DOD's Cyber Command, which has found that interest in Japan has taxed its bandwidth.

Government shutdown averted, temporarily

Congress has approved a continuing resolution to fund the government until March 18, temporarily staving off fears of employee furloughs resulting from a government shutdown this Friday.

Shutdown could be on the shelf, for now

It now appears unlikely that the government will shut down at the end of this week, as Senate Democrats have reportedly accepted a Republican measure to immediately slash $4 billion in federal spending by cutting programs that President Barack Obama targeted for elimination in his latest budget proposal.

Feds not reaping the benefits of mobile tech

Government information employees don't have mobile technologies to support location flexibility, according to a new international study by Forrester Research.

Pay freeze could be limited to a year

Federal employees facing a salary freeze could get a respite if lawmakers are able to persuade colleagues to limit their actions, reports Federal Computer Week.

Which agencies are the best — and worst — places to work?

The website Best Places to Work in the Federal Government, produced by the Partnership for Public Service and American University's Institute for the Study of Public Policy Implementation, ranks employee satisfaction at 290 government organizations.

NIST late to start work after getting paid, GAO says

Auditors scold the National Institute of Standards and Technology for taking too long to deliver results on research studies paid for by federal agencies.

OPM not doing enough to protect privacy on background checks, GAO says

The Office of Personnel Management handles about 2 million background checks a year, but it needs to do more to ensure that privacy is protected, GAO says.

Report: Tech jobs grew in first half of 2010

TechAmerica, a nonprofit advocacy group, released an employment report today showing an increase in tech-related job hiring for the first half of 2010.

5 reasons why some feds would rather not telework

Make no mistake: The vast majority of readers commenting on telework stories in recent weeks clearly favor having the option to work from home on a regular basis. But here is the minority report.