Marines want smart phone for classified, commercial systems

The Marine Corps is looking for a new generation of secure mobile devices that can work in both classified government domains and the commercial marketplace.

Rapid app response: Marines to embed development teams with deployed units

The Marine Corps is fleshing out a service-oriented architecture approach to help provide its deployed forces with rapidly developed command-and-control applications.

Combat simulation training critical to saving lives

At Camp Pendleton's Battle Simulation Center, Marines are trained in operational support using simulation tools that recreate combat to ensure they are mission ready.

Military to streamline burden of warfighters' comms gear

The military has multiple strategies for reducing the size, weight and power of warfighter communications equipment.

Marines find that going green has military value, too

More efficient systems and solar-powered devices at forward bases can help save energy, money and, at times, even lives.

Future of Navy, DOD debated at AFCEA West

Top DOD officials discussed critical issues for the military's future at AFCEA West.

DOD database would sift all network traffic for signs of attack

The vice commander of U.S. Cyber Command says participation in the joint database would be voluntary, but that it would produce a clearer view of cyber threats.

Letter: SAP still in favor at USDA, Marines

SAP spokesman disputes characterization of agencies' removing SAP products in favor of a rival.

USDA, Marines replace SAP in isolated organizations

The Agriculture Department and the Marine Corps, citing cost, incompatibility and other issues, are replacing their SAP software with another vendor’s in specific divisions.

Does Gulf oil spill require the mother of all solutions?

GCN Lab’s Greg Crowe examines a proposal to fix the oil spill in the Gulf by blowing it up.

Sony working on hair-thin video technology

The military, which has been using organic light-emitting diode screen technology in a growing number of apps, could now have a new technology for its toolbox. A new Sony prototype is thinner than a human hair and is flexible enough to be rolled tightly around a pencil, even as it continues playing a video.

Military's technological might is slipping, Navy under secretary says

The military no longer enjoys the technological dominance and monopoly it once enjoyed and needs a new approach to marshaling its network enterprise systems, according to Undersecretary of the Navy Robert Work. At an AFCEA event, he outlined his vision.

About Face(book): Marines lift ban on social networking

Marine Corps officials lifted a ban for marines on using social networking Web sites on the service’s non-secret network, according to a memo.

Marines bring solar energy to the battlefield

The Marine Corps is embracing renewable energy as a way to generate continuous electricity for communications and targeting systems on the battlefield.

New technology enhances UAV video

Harris releases product that can improve the packaging and transmission of data, including video, from unmanned aerial vehicles.

Navy lays course for Second Fleet migration to NMCI

The Navy’s Second Fleet Commander will use the Navy Marine Corps Intranet to support its newly established Maritime Operations Center in a move to further collaboration and boost cybersecurity capabilities.

Web 2.0 review could lead to restricted use of social networking in DOD

A review on how social media should be used at the Defense Department will likely lead to a policy that allows the use of Web 2.0 tools with restrictions due to security concerns, according to a DOD spokesman.