Trust is verified

Glen Johnson has a reputation as the go-to guy for tough IT projects in the State Department's Bureau of Verification and Compliance.

Security guide

A sharp increase in cyberthreats may have raised Mary Stone Holland's profile within the State Department in recent years, but it hasn't changed her approach.

On the beach

One day, a woman wearing a back brace walked up to Mike Frazer's lifeguard tower.

Personnel service

You won't find many state-of-the-art IT systems that are 30 years old.

In demand

The Army has 16 stubborn logistics systems that don't speak to each other.

Course Correction

Everything Anthony Cicco Jr. needed to know about managing people he learned from cleaning computer rooms.

Profiles in leadership in government IT

The winners of this year's GCN IT Leadership Awards are a highly diversified bunch.

Federal contract law: Managing contractors is essential to transformation

Contractors have played a more direct role in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts'and their aftermath'than in any other modern campaign.

Boot camp

Developers of the Army Recruiter Information Support System knew they had a scattered'and mobile'user base.

Which test is best?

Last month, NASA announced it was running what may well be world's fastest computer.

Army PEO goes for the edge

Emerson Keslar has memory sticks on the mind.

The bottom LINE

For government agencies today, technology evaluation isn't the sole province of the IT shop.

The business end of new IT

In an era when IT is treated as a capital investment whose principal purpose is to support agency goals, no technology is an island.

Everybody has a role in evaluating technology

You just got out of a long meeting and could use a bit of a stretch.

Federal Contract Law: Ruling could make a contract's terms into a moving target

When the Supreme Court decided the Winstar case in 1996, some observers thought it marked the dawn of a new era in which the government would be treated like any other party to a contract. Maybe not.

Records management takes a few lessons from supercomputing

Storing and categorizing data has parallels elsewhere in government computing.