Watermarking ChatGPT, DALL-E and other generative AIs could help protect against fraud and misinformation

Digital watermarks on training data used for generative AI tools such as ChatGPT could help protect against fraudulent activity, an expert says.

ChatGPT-powered cyberattacks expected, report says

More than half of IT professionals surveyed predicted the AI chatbot will be behind a successful hack within the year, while 71% believe foreign governments are already using it.

Twitter turbulence under Elon Musk poses headache for governments

States and localities have come to depend on the social media platform to get information out in emergencies and other situations. But a surge in imposter accounts has some worried.

Voting machine myths likely to increase during and after midterms, report finds

Cybersecurity firm Recorded Future identified mis- and disinformation campaigns suggesting that voting machines from three major companies “will be used to falsify the results of the midterms.”