Mobile Apps

With QR codes, even security pros play the fool

The codes are a known tool for delivering malware, but a recent experiment showed that security pros will risk a scan for an iPad.

Leaked Apple IDs traced to Blue Toad, not FBI

Those Apple Unique Device Identifiers leaked last week by AntiSec, which claimed to have stolen them from an FBI computer, actually originated with a company that develops iOS apps for magazine publishers.

BlackBerry offering $10K per popular app to revitalize its app market

The incentive to developers could help restore interest in government circles.

White House releases code to updated mobile app

Source code for iOS and Android developers is available on GitHub.

Navigating the 'unholy' matrimony of mobile and cloud

Mobile computing and the cloud, which each have their own security concerns, have become inseparable.

Labor Day salute: Three apps for workers

The Labor Department offers three mobile apps that workers may want to consider when the Labor Day holiday ends.

VA for Vets' automated, mobile system helps veterans find jobs

A cloud-based case management system with mobile components helps veterans get back into the workforce.

The grace period on mobile security is over

As the bad guys turn their attention to mobile devices, the government has begun mapping out security that needs to be incorporated in coming generations of this technology.

Top 10 datasets on

Of the nearly 1,300 datasets currently on, you might be surprised which are the "most relevant."

App breaks through the mobile compatibility wall

The Citrix Receiver app can keep agencies' mobile devices securely connected regardless of platforms.

As BYOD gains fed acceptance, assume devices been hacked, protect the data

There's no one-size-fits-all solution, but it's just a matter of time before secure plans are in place, a CIO panel says.

Va mobile app opens up procurement opportunities

The for the state’s electronic procurement system (eVA) will make it easier to track business opportunities with government agencies in the state.

10 agency IT projects take 2012 GCN Awards

The winning project teams found creative solutions to challenges in information sharing, end user services, military communications and other areas.

Beware the price of free campaign apps

Some political campaign apps are a lot like politicians; they seem to be more interested in what they can collect than what they deliver.

Mobilescope warns you when apps are leaking data

Mobile apps often take liberties with your personal data; this tool lets you know what they're up to.

VA, DOD joint office delivers mobile app for PTSD patients

PE Coach app gives PTSD sufferers a central site to track their therapy sessions and more.

Great mobile app: Census data you can actually use

The America's Economy app goes beyond being a window into a database, it provides a stream of important, regularly updated reports accompanied by graphs.