Mobile Tech

A few ways to protect yourself against 'visual malware'

Considering the potential threat demonstrated by PlaceRaider, users in government buildings could take precautionary measures.

The Wireless Gigabit Alliance: IEEE's not-so-secret society

The Wireless Gigabit Alliance, also known as WiGig,has been tasked by the IEEE to discover new ways to expand into gigabit-plus wireless communications.

My other car is a smart phone

Cisco wants to network and IP-enable vehicles, which could be a boon for emergency response crews, among others.

VMware: Unified, secure mobile management is on Horizon

VMware Horizon Suite will offer secure, flexible management of a mobile workforce that needs increasingly needs anytime, anywhere access from any device.

Origin takes laptop power to the next level

Overclocked chips, dual graphics processors make the EON17-SLX notebook a real powerhouse.

As BYOD gains fed acceptance, assume devices been hacked, protect the data

There's no one-size-fits-all solution, but it's just a matter of time before secure plans are in place, a CIO panel says.

Va mobile app opens up procurement opportunities

The for the state’s electronic procurement system (eVA) will make it easier to track business opportunities with government agencies in the state.

USDA expects to manage 100,000 mobile devices

The department's planned Next Generation Mobility solution will manage mobile devices, applications and security.

Black Hat: If it ain't broke, it's just a matter of time

This year's Black Hat Briefings will tackle OS security — or lack of it — in Windows and iOS. Mobile devices and industrial control systems get a lot of attention, too.

A look inside the future of 911 services

Alabama’s Next Generation program plans to move all 911 traffic to an IP network over the next 18 months, paving the way for text, video and photos with emergency calls.

Dell's mobile data center: When you need an IT backbone overnight

Dell's launch of its Tactical Mobile Data Center will allow government, military and enterprise users to quickly deploy an additional, backup or remote IT backbone.

Do you understand your mobile risk portfolio?

In order to manage your mobile risk portfolio, agencies should start an analysis of mobile demand across different employee segments.

In European plan, cars in a crash would auto-dial for help

The European Parliament wants all new cars be to equipped with sensors that will automatically notify rescue services in the event of a crash.

Key technologies in digital strategy have one thing in common

The innovative technologies in the administration's "anywhere, anytime, any device" digital strategy will ride on the cloud, a former federal CIO says.

Framework defines a smart city, how to build one

IDC Government Insights' Smart City Framework can help officials define the key processes needed to provide better services. launches government cloud, app exchange

The Government Cloud will include a multitenant, FISMA-compliant cloud infrastructure that will let federal, state and local agencies share apps.

Taking in the environment at FOSE

Even before getting down to individual technologies, the FOSE show floor has something to offer.