CISA issues enterprise mobile security checklist

The Enterprise Mobility Management system checklist outlines steps for device management, authentication, app and network security as well as defending enterprise systems from mobile devices.

Medical response app for mass casualty incidents

The Resource Information Tracking and Medical Communications Application will not only allow clinicians and local responders to chat and videoconference, but it will also create a common operating picture for officials managing a disaster.

Mississippi launches digital driver’s license

State residents can now store a digitized version of their driver’s license on their smartphone.

3 pillars of effective digital vaccine passports

By providing a secure and easy-to-use digital mechanism for verifying vaccination status, governments can build a secure and trusted foundation for future digital health care initiatives.

Public safety collaboration platform gets DHS investment

The Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate has awarded Mobility 4 Public Safety $1.5 million to advance its secure messaging and collaboration tool for first responders.

Centralized address database eases NG911 adoption

Several Georgia counties and cities banded together to better share information and improve 911 capabilities using a cloud-hosted spatial database.

Telehealth app helps medical staff find specialists

With the National Emergency Tele-Critical Care Network app, users can set up virtual critical care wards and help medical staff find available remote experts by searching for an on-duty provider by specialty.

Coast Guard plans mobile access to law enforcement database

The Coast Guard is looking to give its enforcement personnel access to its safety and law enforcement database via mobile apps.

Sharpening the focus for smartphone-based evidence

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a system that provides a faster way for people to share selected phone data with law enforcement, potentially speeding investigations.

NASA wants app to monitor, analyze employee vaccinations

NASA is looking for a smartphone app that would not only allow its 18,000 employees to display their vaccination status when entering a NASA facility, but also help the space agency efficiently survey, report and analyze data on the immunization status of its workforce.

Minnesota launches digital vaccination record

Using the Docket app, Minnesotans can access their immunization records to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

States’ smartphone exposure notification apps get mixed reviews

While the apps improved the speed and reach of contact tracing, the Government Accountability Office found several challenges limiting app use and the ability of states and others to determine whether the apps were effective.

Hawaii unwraps voluntary digital vaccination record

Hawaii has become the latest state to allow residents to upload and verify their COVID-19 vaccination status.

Boston launches chatbot, donation platform to strengthen food access

The SMS chatbot and online food donation platform aim to give city residents a centralized, easy-access source for food resource information.

V-Safe: How everyday people help the CDC track COVID vaccine safety with their phones

The v-safe registry lets inoculated people report their experiences, including serious suspected side effects, directly to the CDC through smartphones, adding to the data gathered from clinical trials and other safety monitoring systems.

States to offer digital driver’s license via Apple Wallet app

The tech company is working with states to create digital IDs from driver’s licenses for the Apple’s Wallet app.

Price tag on NY’s vaccination app keeps rising

New York’s Excelsior Pass vaccine authentication app may cost much more than first expected.