NASA's next satellite: An everyday Android smart phone

The PhoneSat marks the beginning of what the agency says is a new model for quickly developing and deploying satellites.

Audit finds some holes in NASA's cybersecurity center

The Inspector General says the consolidated Security Operations Center has improved its security but still has some key vulnerabilities.

When Mars Curiosity landing spiked online traffic, NASA was ready

Officials at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory used Amazon Web Services to stream video and images from the landing, knowing they could shut it down afterward.

Mars rover Curiosity will phone home on NASA's interplanetary Internet

Data from the Mars Science Laboratory will ride back to Earth on NASA's Deep Space Network.

Mixing supercomputing, social networking for a better view of Earth

The NASA Earth Exchange lets scientists build in hours Landsat-based Earth models that used to take months.

NASA explores augmented reality with Spacecraft 3D app

The app for Apple mobile devices lets users put themselves into robotic crafts exploring Mars or orbiting the moon, with more to come.

5 steps to setting up an agency app store

Building an app store can be the best way to make sure employees are using the right mobile apps. Here's a checklist to help you get there.

How to run a successful coding competition

States and CMS worked upfront to specify goals that will be used to pick winners in a challenge to write software to screen Medicaid providers.

NASA contest yields Space Apps for Earth, too

Voting is open for the International Space App Challenge.

'Unknowns' hack NASA, Air Force, saying 'We're here to help'

A new gray hat hacker group hits 10 organizations, including three U.S. government sites and one at Harvard, saying it wants to promote better security.

NASA looks to space for better earthquake data

The agency is testing READI, which uses satellites to detect minute changes in GPS-enabled ground stations, providing real-time data on quakes and better tsunami predictions.

Solar-storm launch boldly goes where no rubber chicken has gone before

Some California high school students sent NASA's Camilla mascot into space during March's intense solar storms.

Malware version of Angry Birds Space appears

Sophos has identified a Trojan horse masquerading as a Android version of the game on some unofficial apps stores.

Is NASA's knowledge management program obsolete?

NASA's Inspector General is raising questions about the future viability of one of NASA's knowledge management systems.

NASA's new trajectory: Angry Birds in space

NASA is going into outer space again, but this time instead of launching a spaceship, it's sending some Angry Birds.

Agencies flock to Drupal content management system

The Environmental Protection Agency is the latest among more than 150 federal agencies converting their websites to the Drupal open-source content management system.

Successful hacks, lost laptops plagued NASA in past year

In 2011 hackers gained "full functional control" of systems at JPL, and a lost laptop held unencrypted control codes for the International Space Station, NASA's IG tells Congress.