Navy UAS program still flying high despite recent crashes

The Navy is forging ahead with key unmanned aircraft systems programs while trying to figure out what caused two of its Fire Scouts to crash recently.

DHS to track video-game consoles

DHS and the U.S. Navy are interested in extracting data from video game consoles purchased overseas, in order to catch terrorists and pedophiles.

MUOS begins new era for defense satellites

The launch of the first Mobile User Objective System satellite in February marked a major step forward for the military's communications-on-the-move projects.

Navy's 'Hunger Games' lab will put robots to survival tests

The multiclimate LASR research facility features desert, rain forest and other environments for testing robots and unmanned vehicles in harsh climes.

China suspected in Facebook scam against NATO officers

A fake profile for NATO's senior commander lured other officers into accepting a friend request, compromising personal information in the process.

Navy's new disaster response van runs on solar, wind power

The Navy's salvage command has rolled out a command van that uses solar, wind and battery power to supplement its generator.

DOD still wrestling with scalability, security for wireless networks

DOD experts discuss the challenges involved in issuing mobile devices to military and civilian personnel.

Navy's undersea robots get smarter

The U.S. Navy is developing new software programs to make its ocean-going robots more independent.

Navy devising battle plan for satellite attacks

The U.S. Navy is considering how it will handle future operations where it might have little or no satellite communications or navigation, something that may be standard as cyber warfare continues to escalate.

Navy enables on-base WiFi access for Reserve personnel

With CAC readers already available to Navy Reserve personnel, providing WiFi access to the NMCI on base is a logical and cost-effective solution for accommodating online demand.

How the Navy plans to run a tighter IT ship

CIO says data-center consolidation, trimming of redundant applications, wireless devices and a cloud-based architecture are on the agenda.

Next-gen UAVs grow in form and popularity

Two fighter-jet sized unmanned aircraft are shaping up to be the future fast-attack platforms to come.

Does the Navy prefer Google+ over Facebook?

Google+ has attracted more than 10 million users since its recent introduction. Now the Navy has released an introduction to the new social tagging service.

Navy recruits first to enjoy lifetime electronic health care record

With the opening of the Lovell Health Care Center in Chicago, a result of the merger of separate Navy and VA hospital facilities, Navy recruits will have one lifetime electronic health record.

Want to know what you spend on data centers? Start shutting them down.

The consolidation process gives administrators a look into the costs of running data centers that they might not otherwise get, a DHS IT official says.

How Navy SEALs extract data in the field

A look at some of the technology used to quickly and, when necessary, stealthily collect information at bin Laden’s compound and other locations.

Navy to battle Somali pirates with online game

The Office of Naval Research announced plans to launch a new massive multiplayer online war game to figure out how to battle real-life Somali pirates.