StarTech turns USB 3.0 ports into gigabit Ethernet

New adapters support gigabit Ethernet connections for any device with USB 3.0, including ultrabooks and ultra-thin laptops.

Dell dock brings gigabit wireless to classrooms, conference halls

The D5000 gives users control of multiple devices from a laptop, and the high speeds hold up in rigorous testing.

4 tips for better tactical video surveillance

The U.S. Park Police learned some valuable video surveillance lessons during this year's presidential inauguration.

Park Police zooms in on crowd surveillance on the Mall

Crowds for the 2013 inauguration tested their ability to secure a large public event, but advances in high-definition networked video cameras — "computers with a lens" — brought them up to the task.

USB 3.0 hub adds speed, but doesn't leave older peripherals behind

StarTech's industrial-grade seven-port USB 3.0 hub supports up to 5 gigabits/sec but is still compatible with earlier USB versions.

Real-time network stress tests help admins prepare for the worst

Version 10 of the OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet helps identify problems before they crop up.

For soldiers, a wearable data hub managed via smart phone

QinetiQ's Integrated Warrior System lets warfighters use a smart phone or other computer to run a variety of situational-awareness systems.

Wi-Fi service to monitor, reallocate local router usage

Qualcomm's cloud-based service could keep wireless applications from using more bandwidth than they need.

Say goodbye BIOS, hello UEFI; your hardware will be more secure for it

The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface or UEFI is a boot-level program that will replace BIOS on just about every new system from now on. Unlike BIOS, which is a set of commands stored inside the firmware of a computer's motherboard, UEFI is actually a program that can reside in non-volatile memory on a motherboard, or a hard drive, or even on a shared network drive.

Belkin switch secures audio ports

For agencies that need secure voice over IP communications, Belkin has introduced a switch that offers certralized control over audio ports.

What's next in the network: software defined networking

The emerging type of architecture opens up once-closed routers and switches to optimize speed and performance within a network.

Army command gets collaborative with SharePoint portal

SharePoint lets CECOM’s 13,000 employees share information across the command, within organizations and individually.

Navy crowdsourcing tool more than just a game

The Navy is using a computer game to crowdsource ideas to help make our fighting forces more efficient -- and less costly.

DOD develops Web apps to fight pirates (the real kind)

An international effort by the Defense Department and the U.S. Navy is developing Web-based applications that will let allied navies share data in the fight against piracy on the high seas.

IBM rolls out integrated systems to automate most management, updating jobs

IBM's new line of products is designed as an integrated package from the beginning, which is intended to eliminate time and money wasted on operations and maintenance.

SQL Server 2012 available for purchase

Microsoft has announced that SQL Server 2012 has been released.