Networks and Spectrum

GOP platform: Sell off government spectrum

The pro-business platform calls for auctioning off surplus RF spectrum and condemns government regulation of the Internet — except when it should be regulated.

DHS wants to 'change the game' on public safety network

Faced with a need to upgrade aging, stovepiped tactical communications networks and reduce costs, DHS is looking for a “game changing approach.”

Will AT&T's phase-out of 2G service affect gov customers?

The company, a service provider under the GSA’s Networx telecom contract, will phase out 2G mobile service during the next five years to make room on its networks for more advanced services.

Smart phones for multiple networks? FCC mulls changes.

The commission is considering rule changes that would make smart phones and tablets interoperable with different networks.

CIA wants big data, petascale computing to speed info analysis

The agency is looking at new information processing and networking technologies to dramatically reduce the time it takes to analyze data.

Can spectrum auction prevent the looming bandwidth deficit?

The plan to auction broadcast spectrum for wireless Internet use benefits just about everyone, but broadcasters might not want to give up their licenses.

IPv6 networks face aggressive attacks for first time

According to respondents to Arbor Networks' Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report, cyberattacks are now targeting IPv6 networks more intensely, although the Internet protocol started implementation last year.

FCC spectrum auction to fund long-sought public safety network

A congressional compromise allowing the auction to fund the payroll tax cut and extended unemployment benefits also will pave the way for a national wireless network for emergency responders.

FCC shoots down LightSquared's plans for satellite network

Ruling comes after NTIA report concludes there is "no practical way" to solve the problem of GPS interference at the moment.

Are the days of hands-off Internet policies numbered?

International regulations on telecommunications, drafted in 1988, will be revised later this year, and several countries could look to exert control.

Army working to streamline networking efforts

The Army's new acquisition and evaluation process is beginning to show results as the service identifies shortcomings and rolls out new systems to troops.

Army takes aim at C2 battlefield tech

The Army is developing and improving command and control technologies to help make its warfighters more effective in the field.

Switch glitch brings down Virginia police network

The failure of a network switch left Virginia's state police without access to law enforcement records for five hours Jan. 19, the AP reported.

County uses TV spectrum to expand Wi-Fi outdoors

New Hanover County, N.C., is expanding its municipal Wi-Fi network to 'Super Wi-Fi' using unlicensed space on the broadcast spectrum.

Internet set for 'most significant' domain expansion in history

Despite fears of trademark infringement, ICANN says its process for new generic Top Level Domains, which opens the evening of Jan. 12 on the East Coast, has enough intellectual property protections.

High Speed Guard now available commercially


Expanded Internet domains: Boon or bane?

Opponents tell a House panel that expanding generic Top Level Domains threatens intellectual property and trademarks; supporters say it will increase competition, improve service and create jobs.