New York

NYC to try replacing pay phones with touch-screen kiosks

An upcoming pilot program in New York City will test the feasibility of replacing pay phones with interactive information kiosks.

Big Apple in .nyc state of mind with plans for its own TLD

New York City is set to take advantage of ICANN's new rules allowing an expanded number of top-level domains.

Can simulated attack on NYC power grid bridge the partisan divide?

The demonstration for senators is designed to stress the urgency of passing cybersecurity legislation sooner rather than later.

New York sues big banks over mortgage database

The state's attorney general says Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase used MERS "as an end-run around" reporting requirements in pursuing foreclosures.

Police testing long-range scanner to 'frisk' for guns on the street

The New York Police Department, which is developing the device with DOD, wants to use terahertz wave technology to detect weapons from as far as 80 feet away.

NYC opens first high school for software engineering

City aims to help fill the need for programmers, whether the students go to college or not.

One for 911: NYC puts police, fire, medical calls on integrated system

All of the city's dispatchers are for the first time on the same system, which can handle up to 50,000 calls an hour.

NY state to proceed with student database

New York's on-again, off-again bid to join a multistate database of students' academic information is back on.

'Largest' ID theft ring, trading in Apple products, busted in NY

A multiethnic identity theft ring in Queens used stolen and forged credit card data to buy and resell Apple electronics.

NYC police unit to track criminals via Facebook, Twitter

The city forms a new unit to track social media sites, where criminals have been known to announce crimes or brag about them afterward.

New York police use IT to detect 'dirty bombs'

A command center in Manhattan will monitor 2,000 mobile radiation detectors carried by officers around the city.

Cities could cash in by selling domain names

Municipal governments will be able to register their names as top-level domains and make money by selling second-level domains to businesses.

NYC holds app contest for people who can't write apps

A contest sponsored by the city of New York will pay $350 for the best idea-driven Web, desktop or mobile applications.

Hospital identifies, tracks patients with palm reader

Officials at NYU's Langone Medical Center say using biometric infrared scanning to create digital palm images is the most efficient, accurate way to ensure patients get the right treatment.

AT&T to provide free hot spots in New York City parks

Users of the Wi-Fi hot spots in New York City parks won't have to be AT&T customers and there won't be ads. A log-in registration won't be required, but users must agree to terms of service.

NY CIO: In the future, states will share systems

Acting New York State CIO Daniel Chan is seeking ways to show IT's value to taxpayers by using cloud technologies and sharing systems among states.

To take the next IT step, agencies have to get creative

Governments will have to resort to some atypical financial and management techniques to acquire cloud services under current economic conditions.